Pick. Chores.

Sound it out…

The Hub and I are trying to eat a little healthier, and that means eating more veggies and fruits. You know, more than we were. Which wasn’t very much. For example: I used to pick the broccoli out of my chinese food. It took up valuable saucy-fried-chicken space in my stomach! And I didn’t eat much fruit, because it causes the toots. I can’t have an apple and then go sit in a 2 hour meeting arguing with the legal department over a statute or something and toot my way to winning a disagreement. It wouldn’t go in my favor. (I object! <pppbbblllttt> …nevermind.)

Well, all that’s changed…

We have been gorging on fruit and veggies for the past week, and you know what? I feel pretty good. I haven’t been blowing myself around my department with the farts, either. Who knew?

This weekend I saw something that I hadn’t seen in it seems like forever (no, not “girl parts”, eww) – the Sun. I had to capture it on Saturday morning, peeking over my across-the-street-neighbor’s house. If you were really quiet you could hear all the mold screaming out in terror, then falling silent. It sounded like a dollhouse teakettle.

There should be harps playing, or something…

I love the way that the Sun hits my kitchen around 4:30pm. It makes it shine like the top of the Chrysler building! (Name that movie musical.)


The hydrangea also bloomed, in Hubby’s side garden. I love this green. True story – I once painted my living room celery green, kinda like this. With all white trim and all white furniture. It was very summery. Until the winter came, and I painted it deep burgundy and got black velvet drapes. Ah, dichotomy.

Happy Monday! Smoochies!

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3 Responses to Pick. Chores.

  1. Sister says:

    Ah – Annie – Duh!

  2. Sabrina says:

    Annie. duh.

  3. Betsy says:

    Annie Annie Annie! Oh somebody beat me to it, bummer. I love your blog Chris!!

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