I can’t stand up easily.

But I have someone to help me…

I am having some back issues right now. It’s not so bad when I am sitting or standing or walking around, it’s just the getting there that hurts. When I change positions its all achy and ouchy. Stupid back.

This all started 5 years ago, January. I woke that day with incredible pain in my back. I had never really had back pain before, so I figured it would go away as the day progressed. I took a shower, hoping that the hot water would loosen it up, but it didn’t. I had to do gymnastics to get into my clothes because I couldn’t bend over. It wasn’t pretty.

Getting into and out of the car was pretty bad, but once I got to work I figured I would be ok. Nope. I sat down and started to work. Someone came over to ask me a question, and I tried to get out of my chair but couldn’t. I remember going to stand up and then almost having a seizure in my back, and I sat back down. I couldn’t get up.

I called my mother, a nurse. She suggested that I call our doctor in a few hours when he opened. I tried to move again and just couldn’t. My team leader was watching me try to move, and called the paramedics.

When the paramedics came they put me on a gurney to wheel me into the ambulance for a trip to the hospital. The foot end of the gurney broke, and that end fell to the floor. They couldn’t fix it, so I was paraded through work on a slanted bed. Awesome. Hi, everyone! Yes, please do stare at me, co-workers.

When I got to the hospital my Mom and Dad were there, and so was Hubby. We had only been dating 5 months, so I was touched. They pushed me into a waiting room, where we did, indeed, wait.

After about an hour I started to have back spasms. The muscles would seize up and arch my whole body for about 30 seconds, then they would release. It got so bad that it was happening every couple of minutes. The doctor came in after an hour of this and gave me a vial of morphine. It did nothing. I was truly crying now. I was tired and my body wouldn’t listen to me. They gave me another vial of morphine. I remember the ceiling tiles swirling around. I was released from the hospital, although I don’t remember it.

I have vague memories of the next week. I knew I was home and that someone was caring for me, but I didn’t know who. I was taking Oxycodone and a muscle relaxer 4 times per day, so I was definitely out of it. Only after I stopped did I realize that the Hub had been there with me, the whole week. Strangely, it was a turning point in our relationship, at least for me. The next month we moved in together.

All this to say, if I miss Celine Dion this afternoon because of my freakin’ back, it’s over between us. My back can expect divorce papers. Stupid back.


Here’s some music to help with your pain: Ouch my back mix

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3 Responses to I can’t stand up easily.

  1. Peg says:

    The description of the spasms reminds me of labor. All my pain was in my back….two minutes of total seizure and then release…for hours and hours and hours. OI…thanks for the memories.

    Course I had something to show for it at the end (so to speak). OK, enough about me…who am I kidding…there is never enough about me.

  2. Sadie's Mama says:

    I know that your back will go on an on

  3. Brenda M says:

    😦 Hope you have fun tonight.

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