aka: Stink, Stinks, Poo, Mr Grumpy, Fluffy-Snuggle-Bum, Princess

Q: Hasn’t it been too long since I posted some super-cute photos of my dog?

A: Yes. Yes it has.

Hello. I am in desperate need of a grooming. And even so, I am one of the cutest things on Earth. PS – That thing sticking out on his backside isn’t his tail, it’s one of his back legs. He’s sitting nonchalantly.

Annoyed that I bothered him while he was guarding the house.

…and back to guarding. We put in a screen door where he is facing, and he spends all his time looking out it.

His hiding place. He goes here when Hubby or I want to hold and love him. No Love!

Remember that hairstyle of the eighties when girls put half their hair in front of one of their eyes to look all mysterious? Grady’s rockin’ that look. He worked hard to achieve it, too. Hours in front of the mirror. Hours I tell you.

This is the last thing I see as I am falling asleep. The dim light is from the Hubster playing the DS Sudoku game. Grady is looking towards the door ’cause I made the mistake of saying “Here comes…” and he knows that that means that someone is coming over. He’s so smart that he makes other dogren (like children, but with dog) look like they belong in the “special class”. You know what I mean.

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One Response to Grady-Patady

  1. mitzidog says:

    Just to say I loved these photos of your West Highland White Terrier.

    I too have a website with similar content, let me know if you want to exchange links.

    best wishes & keep up with the great photos!

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