I Will Eat You!

Not you specifically. And not in a sexual manner. Stop it.

Yesterday I got home, changed out of my work clothes, played ball with Grady, grabbed a handful of pizza fish to nibble, and sat down to watch the Westing Game. Do you remember that book from third grade? It was the first murder mystery that I remember reading. I loved it. The movie? Sucked. Poo.

Hubby came home and we surfed the channels a bit. At one point he paused the TV to talk about his day, and this is what he paused. I had to capture it.

I will eat you!

I overdosed on Rachael Ray when we first discovered Thirty Minute Meals a while ago. Now her voice just drives me crazy. But yesterday she was making something cool and there was nothing else on and eh? We got this picture. Which I will treasure forever. PS – Rachael. If you change your fugly kitchen back to the way it was in the first season I will try to watch again. The cabinets you have now? Grody. They look like the cabinets from my sister’s kitchen playset when she was 5.

I made dinner and we watched Smart People. Have you heard of this movie? It stars Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church and Ellen Page. And I kind of loved it. It was quirky and cute. And yes, smart. I mean, it’s no Moonstruck, but I can see watching it every now and again for fun. You see, Dennis plays a curmudgeon college professor who falls for Sarah, who is an ER doc. Dennis’s daughter is Juno, and she hates Sarah for trying to replace her dead mom (a misunderstanding). And T.H. Church plays the shiftless layabout adopted brother of Dennis. Highjinks ensue.

And I would like to say this, for the record. I like Sarah Jessica Parker. I think that she is very pretty. I think she is smart. And I don’t think that she should have bowed to the pressure of stupid society and had her facial mole removed. It was a signature. Unless, of course, it was cancerous, or something, in which case good on you Sarah, for ripping that sucker off.

In conclusion:

Westing Game book = good

Westing Game movie = bad

Rachael Ray’s new kitchen = bad

Smart People = good

Sarah Jessica Parker = good

Facial cancer = bad

P.S. – Sarah, email me. We’ll be best of friends, and email all the time, and hate on the haters. WORD!

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3 Responses to I Will Eat You!

  1. Brenda M says:

    I also love SJP…remember “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”(the movie)? Also stared Helen Hunt(I just don’t like her, I don’t know why). I loved that movie.

  2. Hubby says:

    Speaking of fabulous women…FYI gang, The Women is coming out on September of 12th. If you have never seen the B&W version, rent it today! It is a hoot. Definitley in my top 10 list of movies. Jungle Red…go rent it now!

  3. Tara says:

    You totally just said Grody. I laughed. Funny.

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