Summer Dreams

…ripped at the seams.

I missed the point of my life when Summer got fast. When did that happen? I mean, when I was a kid Summers were long and lasted for months and months. Now? They are over in a couple days, and all my “Summer plans” have gone un-done. Un-achieved. Un-completed. Suddenly it is getting cooler and September is around the corner and kids are going back to school and I start smelling cinnamon and apples and other Autumnal things. Oh! And a couple nights ago Sabrina and I went into a grocery store and they had Halloween candy out. In August. Here ya go kids, 3 month old candy just for you! Pretty soon we will be able to start shopping for Christmas in April.

These are my unfulfilled plans:

1. Go to Funtown.
I haven’t been to Funtown since I was in highschool. Yes, I l know that it will be different. Yes, I know that it will be silly. And yes, I know that I may be disappointed. But. I want the experience one more time. I want to smell the fried dough and hear kids screaming on that wooden rollercoaster of death. I want to remember the times that I spent there as a kid hanging out with Chris Labelle and Stephen Briggs and David Arey.

2. Swim.
I haven’t swam in over a year. You can’t forget how, right?

3. Have a picnic at Fort Williams.
When my friend MaryBeth was up last time we spent a wonderful afternoon camped out on a quilt eating deli made sandwiches and reading People magazines. We also may have run around the gazebo re-enacting “You Are Sixteen Going On Seventeen” from the Sound of Music. But that was 6 years ago.

4. Taking a trip.
I miss my friends from across this great nation. Especially my friend Jeremy D. I want to have a massive road trip and stop everywhere. Do people do that anymore?

Ah well. I will end with Ipod predictions. You know how, right? Set your ipod to “shuffle songs” and the first three that come up are what your day is going to be like. Here goes:

1. Heaven – DJ Sammy and Yanou
2. Back in Business – Madonna – The Dick Tracy Soundtrack
3. Chicago – Frank Sinatra

So, I will have a heavenly day at work. And, apparently this afternoon I’m off to Chicago! Yay!

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2 Responses to Summer Dreams

  1. Brenda M says:

    This happens to me too. It’s sad.

    Are we talking about our dear friend MaryBeth F? Cause if we are, can I say…I miss her sooo much and haven’t seen her in forever! Like, not since our wedding over 6 years ago!! WTH?? If I do nothing else in my life it will be to hang out with the two of you again sometime soon(no pushing of cars or weeing in the woods involved, promise)!

  2. Tara says:

    You so make me want to hop in my car and come to Maine. SInce Jen moved to NC and my parents moved to AL ( I know, weird, long story) I haven’t been up there since I was 8 months pregnant with my son. He will be 4 on Sep 1st. I’m going to do this. Long weekend. Just me, and go to Maine and see people. Maybe I will bring my girl, she’s good, my son, well, he needs all the prayer he can get. Of course I know seeing all of you as adults will be different, like the Funtown thing. 😉 But I love to see how people have grown and evolved from the constricting confines of teenagehood. (Is that a word?) Okay, changed my mind, just me. Ah, do you think my hubby will let me get away with it?

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