Project Runway 5.7

And now I have to find a new favorite to vote for. Not Suede or Blayne, let me tell you.

OK, Wednesday night was a pretty good episode of ProjRun. I enjoyed the drama. And it had so little licious-ness. These are my thoughts…

Why is everyone going on and on about Daniel being eliminated? Did anyone like him? He seemed like an Eeyore kinda guy, no? (Thanks for noticing me.) Plus, you know he wanted to get outta there and go hang with his boyfriend Wesley of the shorty shorts.

I love how they think that they are designing for a super mega star. Um… This isn’t season 4, this is season 5. The “people who care about this” level is dropping. No major stars for you. You know who I would like to see on, though? Stars who remind me of the designers, and pair them up. Like Stella and Cher. Or Korto and J-Hud. Or Terri and Donna Summer.

I wanted them to actually have to rip the cars apart for material. Poo on the fact that they just used the cars as oversized bins.

Keith keeps talking about how he’s gonna tone it down and show the judges that he has mad skillz. I think: DANGER! Once they focus too much on one designer, they either win or go home. Don’t go home, my lovely Keith! Stop giving sound bites!

I love how Kenley cries when told that her model dropped out. Like they’re not interchangeable, Ken. Then, she speculates that her model did it because she got a better job offer. Um, hope her mom didn’t die or something, Tacty.

Stella’s boyfriend is named RATBONES. That is simultaneously perfect for her and scary. And why did he pick rat bones? Why not chicken bones, or giraffe bones?

Keith is bitchy all during the show. More danger red flags! No! I need something to keep me watching this season!

Keith’s model sits down in her dress even after Keith tells her not to. And although he is mad to the camera, he is really sweet to her. Awww.

And now that I have seen Keith’s outfit, I’m thinking that it is goodbye, my love. Boring and cliched. Oh… and you didn’t actually show the judges that you can sew better. A skirt should not tear open if a model sits.

Hello, Laura Bennett! I love you! And I love that you always appear in red! You know that one day she was standing in front of a mirror and she had a dozen drop waisted dresses and she tried them all on until she got to the red one, and she was all “Red. Red shall be my signature color.”

Does anyone else think that Leanne’s dress looks just like a dress from George Michael’s “Too Funky” video?

This is from the video, and is not Leanne’s dress. See?

I love Korto’s coat. It’s gorgeous and I didn’t think it would turn out so flattering. She should win.

Ug. Leanne won, and the judges though it was so innovative. I hope they see this blog.

Bye Keith! I was starting to get annoyed with your ‘tude, but then you cried and now I just want to hug you.

PS – I told Hub that I would gladly give Keith a hug, and he said that I could have him, he was too “moley”. That’s tacit approval.

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One Response to Project Runway 5.7

  1. Lisa says:

    So, did you watch last night??? Stella….she was not a happy person!! I miss Chris, he spoiled it for the rest of them…..6 weeks in and I still have no favorite!!

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