Aww. Playtime.

Insert dog joke here.

This was a weekend of dogs. On Friday after work I went to the chiropractor and then tooled over to my parent’s house to dog-sit Mac for the night (and most of the day on Saturday). Then, Sat night I went home to be with Hubby, Grady, and Bach (neighbor Jess and Matt’s dog), who we were taking care of for the night. Grady loves Bach. He went home on Sunday night. Then, last night we had a BBQ at Matt and Erin’s (other neighbors), and they were taking care of her parent’s dog Kip, and Bach was there, and Hub brought Grady over to play, and Matt and Erin’s puppy Lola was experiencing her first heat, so she was wearing a pad. Seriously.

Lola was very interested in the pad, which was held on with a harness crotch thingy. She kept trying to eat it. Yeah, we all thought that was great fun.

On the plus side, there’s these…

A wolf stalks my living room.

Grady plays with his new favorite toy, the strawberry. Bach waits for a chance to grab it away.

Gentle giant.

Bach likes to be near people, as opposed to Grady, who would rather you just leave, please. Now.

Here, Bach twists and contorts his neck in order to sit on Hub’s feet.

The hunter stalks his prey… (please ignore the Bach hair on the table…)

slowly moving closer…

and closer…

Until… I’m a ferocious animal!

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One Response to Aww. Playtime.

  1. Lara says:

    You’re such a great photographer, and comic. Thanks for the laughs.

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