Sabrina has a case of air-sickness…

Rarely heard, the female fart is elusive and crafty. But don’t discount it, it can be as deadly as a poisonous snake.

Sabrina returned from an extended vacation in Canada on Saturday night, and we hung out all day Sunday. She had some awesome stories for us. Wanna hear a particularly great one? (Psst – the answer is yes)…

Sabrina and a few friends of hers (all of whom have girls parts) decided to go to Vancouver for 10 days of Canadian bliss. On departure day the flights were long and they had had very little to eat, but much to drink. And not water, mes amis. So, at one point at about 9:30p.m. one of Sab’s traveling companions gets up out of her seat and stands in the aisle. Due to the size of the plane her caboose was squarely facing Sabrina, with about a 9 inch clearance. And I’m sure at this point that the astute among you can gather what was about to transpire. Sabrina suddenly realized that her whole head was encompassed by a thick noxious cloud of butt-gas. She couldn’t believe it, but yes – her friend had farted on her face. Her friend who then fell to the floor of the aisle, having fainted. It seems that she lost sphincter control mere moments prior to her lapse, much to Sabrina’s displeasure. Since her friend turned out to be fine, just underfed, we laughed about that till milk shot out our noses. Or, you know. What passes for milk at our age (gin).

Hubby and I also had our neighborhood gals over on Saturday night to watch “The Women” movie from 1939. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It was directed by George Cukor, freshly off of being fired from Gone With The Wind. It starred Joan Crawford and Mary Pickford and Rosalind Russell, and all sorts of famous ladies. And here’s the rub – not one guy was in the movie. It’s all fast talking society women being bitchy to each other. It’s incredibly funny and well worth the just over two hour running time.

Other than those things it was a pretty quiet weekend. We did get some much needed shopping done, for a certain lady friend’s shower to be held at our house. Good times to come! I do love planning a party.

Ok, happy Monday, Internet!

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