Trash Picking

Concert season isn’t over yet…

Yesterday the Hub surprised me with tickets to see Janet Jackson in Boston in October. That’s right, folks. Sandi, George, Celine, and now Janet. I’m a very lucky gay. Guy. Gay guy.

I also experienced a “first” last night. I made ravioli for dinner, from a pouch. You know, one of those frozen dinners in a bag that you pop in the oven and VOILA! a new and exciting dish? Sadly, that is not the “first”. Well, it only made about 8 ravioli, so between the two of us we had 4. And that is not enough.

I asked about leftovers, remembering that Hub had made a hamburger casserole a few days before. It was a new recipe and we would have made some changes to it if we made it again. It was very dry. But? I figured I could pour some ketchup on it and it would be fine. Yes, I am a culinary genius.

C: So, is there any of that crap left?

H: Hee.

C: What?

H: Well, I just threw it away.

C: Oh. Cheerios it is, then.

H: Well… you can get it out of the trash. I wrapped it in the tin foil that it was in. It hasn’t touched anything else.

C: Gross. …Well, ok.

And you know what? I did.

Glory in my trash picking, friends!


Ipod morning shuffle (first three):

1. To Love You More, Celine Dion

2. I Just Want To Be Your Everything, Andy Gibb

3. Like a Virgin, Madonna

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One Response to Trash Picking

  1. Sister says:

    No one commented on that?? Well then, I will…EEewww – I don’t think I can come over for dinner this weekend… 😛

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