Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

Weirdly, Sunshine on my leg makes me want to take pictures.

Music!: Denver & Pictures

I keep our camera in the living room, the easier to catch a moment of prettiness (or grossness or funniness) and capture it forever in digital format. This morning I cleaned out some of the randomness from the memory disk, and I thought I’d show you some. This is just for you, because you are special.

This is my leg. I was laying on my side on the couch in the living room as the sun was going down. I couldn’t figure out what was so bright, and then realized that it was my leg. My shiny, shiny leg.

And this is the afternoon light that was causing the glare. I love how this fractured in the lens.

This is a candle decoration in the hallway that I have never lit. I noticed one afternoon that the sun was hitting it so that it appeared to be on fire. The sun probably only hits it this way once a year, so I consider this a gift from a kind and loving photo-god.

This little guy (or girl, I don’t know and didn’t flip him over to check) was hurt and sitting on my stoop a few days ago. He (or she) wouldn’t fly away, so I had Jess come over and pick him (or her) up and place him (her) in the bushes behind our property. Where I’m sure he (she) recuperated and flew away happy, as opposed to becoming a meal for the fox that lives in our neighborhood. And yes, Jess deals with all hurt or dead animals on our property. She’s butch that way.

These are flowers that Hubby picked for Sabrina’s Fajita fest. From his own garden. I was pretty impressed. Too bad they stunk to high heaven. We had to move them to eat. “Mmmm, What’s that delicious smell of cat pee?”

Here’s my little man all tuckered out from sleeping all day. He probably pulled a muscle whining ineffectually at an outdoor cat or groundhog or something.

Sometimes Grady likes to pretend that he’s Sally Fields…

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