I called her Lucille.

Ok, not really… I actually called her Bruce.

The first car that I owned my parents bought for me when I was away at Summer Camp (Camp Wakonda) when I was 15. I didn’t even have my license yet. It was a 1984 Rabbit, tan, automatic, with a bitchin’ AM/FM radio in it. I think they paid $300.00 for it.

The felt ceiling has lost it’s glue, so it fell like a billowy canopy around my head. When I drove the car it looked like I was wearing a giant turban. It did awesome things to my hair. Nowadays I could drive it with nary a hair complaint due to the extreme “aerodynamics” of my head, but back then I had tons of curly hair that got all messed up.

Hi Bruce!

I replaced the radio with one that actually played tapes, and installed new speakers in the rear. The speakers that I installed were wooden shelf speakers, about a foot tall. I placed them ever so lovingly in the rear window to rock out to The Rocky Horror Picture Show or some showtunes or Abba. I used to love to drive the car at night, with no destination, just to listen to the music and be alone. It was the first time I was ever truly alone.

Of course, if I drove it for more that 20 minutes and stopped for gas or at a convenience store and turned the car off I would have to wait for it to completely cool down before it would start again, but that didn’t matter. I loved that little car.

Well, yesterday I was driving home from work and I saw my little car on the road still. There was a young guy driving it, and it was like looking in a mirror. …an old mirror that shows me like I was twenty years ago.

I think I’ll dig out my old mix tapes this weekend. There’s probably a good song or two I’ve forgotten.

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8 Responses to I called her Lucille.

  1. Tony says:

    wow!! that looks like my chevette I had when I had your sisters initials on the plates! HA! Happy Friday!!

  2. Sadie's Mama says:

    My first car was a little yellow Subaru station wagon….and I LOVED it! I also loved that gas was about 95 cents a gallon!

  3. Hubby says:

    My first car was a poop brown 1980 Ford Granada. It was probably the best thing my Father ever did for me….gave me wheels to roam free. It was made of metal so it was a tank. None of that skimpy fiberglass and plastic we have now.

    Funny now when I see someone 16 driving a car and think to myself horrified-Was I that young at 16???

  4. Jennifer says:

    LOVE your first car… Mine was a Dodge Shawdow w/the awesome hot pink and bright orange stripes on the side! I rolled it over a couple years later..

  5. Tony says:

    I need to clarify my first car WASNT the chevette Just had to throw the license plate story out there to show I was a hopeless romantic at 18.

    my first car was…1977 Canary Yellow Chevy Malibu. Oh yes! and it was made out of tank metal.

  6. Brenda says:

    Mine was an awesome Subaru station wagon(silver) and standard transmission. Loved that car! Remember my brother’s first car? That little black Mercury Tracer that you(with the help of MBF and Steven) had to push miles and miles after it broke down in east bumbf$#ck, MA? LOL 😀

  7. Christopher Robin says:

    I can totally relate! I remember my first car, a chevy celebrity. It was dubbed the grinch car because of some front end damage I did to the headlights which made it look mad. I had so many fond memories in that car,, even though it looked like a car a grandpa would drive, I was 15 too.

  8. missy says:

    weird, but my first car was my 88 Volkswagen golf… how’d we both end up with VW’s and why didn’t i know about yours? hu! No one tells me anything you know! 😛 Anyway, I apparently thought buying a brand new car would eliminate the biannual savings account draining auto repair requirements (stupid me) and passed the good old VW onto a carless friend who in turn passed it on to another who got to drive my precious never dying energizer bunny volkswagen in a beechridge demolishon derby which i didn’t even get to watch due to not being informed until after the fact. so sad. I would have driven it in the derby myself had i known the car wasn’t needed. Do I sound bitter? I just wish I could afford a VW again. *pout*

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