Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 10

Just a couple Autumn entries… for now…

1. I love fun candle accessories. Specifically, I love a Yankee Candle haunted house tealight thingy that I’ve been wanting for a couple years. I saw it online two years ago after Halloween was past, but it was sold out. Then, I saw it last year at a local Yankee Candle store, but there was only the display model left, and the AWESOME lady at the Yankee candle wouldn’t sell to me. (Remember her?) Also, the Hub looked for it online last year, but (wisely) drew the line at spending 200 bucks on it on ebay. Crazy ebayers. This year, though? This year he found it and bought it for me at a reasonable price. Yay!

2. Every year for forever my family has gotten together to pick apples, one day a year, usually in late September. Every year except the last few, when my family apparently forgot about me and went apple picking with others and I had to find other means to pick my apples. But I’m not bitter. Not at all. Grrr. Anyway, last year my friend Coreyander and I went to Doles Orchard, run by our awesome friend Nancy. The farm is in Limington, and they have lots of little apple trees that are fun to pick from. They also sell strawberries and cherries and raspberries and blueberries and pears and plums. Oh! And they hold concerts, too. They also have a great little store that sells homemade jams and jellies and gourds and all that stuff that you would expect in a tiny farm store. Except made better and with more love than anywhere else. I highly recommend. Also, if you see Nancy, give her a hug. She’s a good hugger.

This is the store. You can practically smell the drying herbs from there, right? 

I found this on Flickr. if you click it, it will take you to the person’s site who took it. (Not me).

This is their barn. Click it to see more awesome pictures!

You should go. You can find all sorts of info here. Maybe even a picture of my beautiful friend Nancy! Doles Orchard

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One Response to Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 10

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    I was there last weekend with your whole family…where were you???

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