Goodnight Kittens

And Goodnight Mittens…

We had a shower this weekend for Jess and Matt, as Ive told you. I told you that, right? Anyway, Matt and Erin were there with Emma, and we had several kids of varying ages running around and being good and happy and it reminded me of childhood (what doesn’t, though?). And that got me thinking this morning about some of my favorite books from when I was a kid. Does anyone else remember these?

Just a tyke: “Goodnight Moon”, by Margaret Wise Brown

I can’t even imagine how to make curtains look like that…

This is someone not afraid of color on the walls.

You’ve all read this, right? It is a seminal work of subconscious thought. It is staggering how much insight the author embeds into the tight narrative of this little thriller. Plus, there’s an old lady whispering “hush”. In all seriousness, this book makes me feel comforted. Every child should have a copy.

Post Tyke: “Dorrie the Little Witch”, by Patricia Coombs

Quirky! Misunderstood! You can tell by her mis-matched stockings.

Dorrie is a little witch with an excellent hat who lives with her UNWED mother and just happens to get into magical shenanigans. I love the imagination of this series of books. They even hold up to this day. I know this as Sister Kristin gave me a few for Christmas last year – a wonderful gift.

More than 5 and less than 10: “The Windmill Summer”, by Hila Feil

I couldn’t find a picture of this book, but I think this evokes the feeling. …I totally want this in my backyard as my fort.

This is about a girl who leaves her distracted family to live in the forest in an abandoned Windmill, and her adventures trying to live by herself and meet animals. (She is actually still on her family’s land, and they do check on her, but to her it seems that she is alone.) This is really a child’s “Walden”. I particularly loved the parts of her fixing up the Windmill. I’m pretty sure that this is where I get my love of renovation and decorating.

10 ish: The Swing in the Summerhouse, by Jane Langton.

Wee! …Um …It looks like that boy is jumping with a mannequin. Which is fine, as we all know from Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall.

A strangely crackpot family finds that if they use the swing in the backyard gazebo and jump off through one of the openings it will take them to different parts of the world. This is a great book for young adventurers. Like me! I know I had many a skinned knee from jumping through doors and off swings after reading this.

Well? Did you remember these? And what were your favorites?

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2 Responses to Goodnight Kittens

  1. Peg says:

    wait…you didn’t say there was going to be a test..:(

  2. Brenda says:

    Probably one of the coolest things about having kids is getting to experience all this again 🙂

    Love “Goodnight Moon”(I think I have it memorized from Gabby’s baby days).

    I read, probably, every “Nancy Drew” book.

    How about “Can I get there by Candlelight? ” Loved, loved, loved this as a kid and then I found a used one(out of print dontcha know) a few years ago online.

    My kids have lots of books now, mostly because I love kids books(still).

    Also, check out “Shy Mama’s Halloween” it was illustrated by a good friend of mine(I had a couple of her kids as students years ago).

    Don’t get me started on books…there are just too many and not enough time or $$ 🙂

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