Someone needs to take a Shower….

…a Baby Shower! See what I did there? Good times.

The Hub and I love Jess and Matt. So much so that we wanted to throw them a shower to celebrate the coming birth of their firstborn, Sophie. Plus, we love to throw a party, even if it is pink themed…

Erin and I screen printed the invitations. Well, Erin did it and I watched. PS – I removed the identifying info from this photo. We didn’t send out vague invites. Come to a party! …In Portland! …Hope ya make it!

The Hub baked a cake, and I frosted it, and then our little decorating fairies came over and decorated the cake, all gourmet style.

Seriously – Thanks to Sabrina and Erin. This cake rocks the kasbah.

I was in charge of the decorating. Except Hubster did the table. Oh! And this is the new color of our dining room… More on that in a later post.

The piano. We decided to put the gifts there after Mr. Grady got into a couple that were on the floor that he was just positive were for him.

Yes, that is Jess and Matt. And these are the only photos that you will see of them, since I don’t want to make them so famous that they get unwieldy and start making demands for special M&M’s and bottled water.

Emma was so good at the shower – Here I have captured her in the midst of her contemplation of the enthralling toys that Mommy says are not for her.

We played a game where you melt 5 candy bars in diapers and everyone has to guess the names of the candy bars. It was gross and AWESOME. PS – Diapers smell terrible in the microwave. Ew.

Emma helped with the unwrapping. And there’s a glimpse of Sophie!

Thanks to everyone that helped with the shower – it went off without a hitch and we couldn’t be happier for Jess and Matt!

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One Response to Someone needs to take a Shower….

  1. Betsy says:

    Catching up on some of your older blogs. I don’t know if it’s you taking pictures, but they’re amazing – and so is the cake. I’m very impressed with it all. What a gift you gave your friends!

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