I’ll try to refrain from doing that…

It’s not a tumor!

Last night after I ironed 6 curtains to hang in our living room (we changed out the white and gauzy Spring / Summer curtains for the gold and heavy Fall / Winter ones) the Hub and I were just sitting and relaxing while watching some Biggest Loser Family Edition. During one commercial break I was loving on Grady, who was sitting beneath Hub’s legs, and my hand brushed Hub’s leg. I realized that his legs and feet were incredibly soft, like he must moisturize them all the time (or perhaps I just have terrible rough skin). I did notice a little bump on the back of his knee: a little mole. I poked it and:

H: Don’t. That feels weird.

C: What?

H: Don’t touch the mole.

C: Why? Does it hurt?

H: No, I’m afraid you’ll pull it or tug on it.

C: What? For God’s sake why would I do that?

H: I don’t know. You just might.

C: Well, I was just about to rip it off with my teeth… thank goodness you stopped me.

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