An Autumn Adventure

You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway…

On Sunday morning I raced to get out of my house by 9:00 and failed. No one should have to race around on a Sunday morning. But you see, I had planned an adventure for the day, and I needed to get to Coreyander’s house in order to start it.

I left Chez Chris2fer at 9:15 and tore over to Cander’s house. Little did I know that there was a race going on, and I had to cross the race route to get there. Watch out, healthy people! The man at the corner told me I couldn’t proceed down Coreyopolis’ street, but I told him I could. We glared at each other for a while and then he waved me through. And… I win. Take that, the man!

After trying to decide where we could drive safely without taking out crazy running healthophiles, we ended up at Brea Lu Cafe for breakfast. (This is not a full review, so no links from PortlandFoodMap. Ah, well.) Um… It was good. Food good. The waitress saw us all atwitter and rushed our order. Thanks, Waitress!

We were rushing because we were meeting Coreypoo’s sister Lin-Lin and her two children, and Lin-Lin has a thing about being tardy. Which we were. Woopsy.

But I was not going to rush – I love road trips. We hopped into my car and drove to Doles Orchard in Limington. Along the way we listened to our favorite music and sang along at the top of our lungs. It was awesome. Plus, it was crisp and the sun was out and the leaves were turning and it smelled of wood stoves and dirt and the first day of school and walks in the forest and apple pie.

You wanna hear some of the music we listened to? I thought you’d never ask…

Autumnal Bliss Mixtape

We met up with Lin-Lin just a few minutes late, and grabbed a large yellow iron cart that someone (me) pulled around a not-quite-at-all-level field of trees, laden down with usually one but sometimes two children. And Coreyitis and Lin-Lin picked apples. Little child # 1 ate three bites of his apple, and then threw it away, and then asked for another one. And I said no because I am a meany, but his Aunt gave him another. Push over. And little child # 2 tried to mess up all of my pictures. But HA! child # 2, I am taller and more patient than you! See?

If you go to my Flickr site and choose this picture in a large size it makes a pretty great desktop wallpaper. If I say so myself. And I do.


This is inside the little store. It reminds me of a medieval cottage.

A chicken was hiding under the apple trees. Wierd.

The Apple Trees were so close to the ground they were practically bushes.

So, after we picked apples and took a hay ride and sent Child # 1 & 2 into the Hay maze (BYE!) and walked through the little store and bought Peach Melba Jam and a CHEDDAR APPLE PIE for later (So very good) Coreylicious and I waved goodbye to Lin-Lin and Child 1 &2 and hauled off for more adventures.

We ended up in “quaint” Cornish. Which is a nice way of saying that it is tiny and a little run down. But it’s not at the Cornish Inn, where we had lunch. The Cornish Inn restaurant is rustic and homey and classic and really worth the trip. We both had soup, while I had a sandwich (BLT on homemade focaccia bread) and Coreyandra had a Caesar Salad with Lobster on it. Our waitgal was relentlessly cheerful. I highly recommend.

After an excellent meal we hopped back into the car and drove back to the big city. We did stop on the way at a little gifty-crafty store to look at Halloween stuff. I bought a giant spider for 5 bucks. It’s wicked creepy. Then, we went to Target (glee!) and back home.

It was a perfect Autumn day filled with perfect Autumnal things. I totally needed it. Thanks, Coreyandrix!

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One Response to An Autumn Adventure

  1. “chicken hiding under tree?”

    It looks like she was searching for bugs, not hiding.

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