Men’s Halloween Costumes

Hot and spicy. And pricy.

Remember when we were kids and the Halloween costumes consisted of those plastic masks that cut your face around your eyes and ears and plastic overalls that were kinda printed in the design of the idea of the suggestion of who you were trying to be that your mother picked up at Laverdier’s for $9.99? They’ve come a long way, baby.

1. When I was about ten my mother made me a Darth Vader costume. I had the cape and the chest plate and boot covering thingies. But this? This would have made me the most bad-ass kid on the block…

Buy it here, if you have a zillion bucks.

2. I have never seen any of the Hellraiser movies, but if this is an indication, I’m not sure that I want to. How does he get all those pins to stick to his face? If I wore this costume Grady would pee himself. “Come give Daddy a kiss!”

Buy it here

3. This costume is out of stock. Aww. I’m thinking that the boys who are buying this are not buying it for Halloween parties. Nope. It’s for something a little more private, if you know what I mean. And I know you do, you dirty minded people! … Not you, Mom.

Buy it here 

4. I’m getting a theme here… This is all about men living their fantasy’s for one night, and blaming it on Halloween. Uh huh. You go, guy-girl.

Buy it here

5. No one dresses like this around here… I am obviously inviting the wrong people to my parties.

Buy it here

6. This is just demented. Who would wear this?

Buy it here

7. Hello spicy warlock guy. It looks like in your zeal to be all gothy you forgot to put on your shirt! And let’s face it. Goth people don’t have nice chests. Lies!

Buy it here

8. This is one of my favorites. I’ve been a vampire many, many times. Someday I’ll post a pic of Sabrina and I as vampires… And look! It’s Premium Quality! It says so in a scrolly font so you know it’s true.

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4 Responses to Men’s Halloween Costumes

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    Our costumes were usually ones we threw together or our mother made. My all time favorite costume was the only one I remember as having come from a store…..Mighty Mouse. It had the plastic mask with the little eye/mouth slits…..I loved my Mighty Mouse costume! Am I aging myself? Do ya’ll even know how Mighty Mouse was??

  2. Brenda M says:

    I also wore the plastic costumes although I do recall wearing my father’s old Navy uniform to one Halloween party. By the way, what costume website is this? I would not want to see my hubby in any one of those costumes(except maybe the vampire) and I love him dearly.

    Clowns scare the poop out of me!!!!

    By the way, I watched Mighty Mouse and loved it 🙂 Also Underdog. I don’t think I’m old…although, maybe I am 😛

  3. Peg says:

    OMG the best costume I have ever heard of was the voting booth. You take a box and paint it with red and white stripes and of course a sign that says: “VOTING BOOTH! Please put candy into the slot of the person you are voting for.” Wear a big Uncle Sam hat and a fake beard.

    Then you have to gauge cause if they say “who is ahead” which they ALWAYS will, you have to think..hmmm…is this a McCain? And you say Obama and they load the candy into the McCain slot.

    For me the costume was was all about the candy!

    Course one year I went like a Titanic victim …all white with fake icicles hanging off my nose and chin and a life vest on with long blue lame for water.

    What was I going to say? Oh yea, the pins in Hellraiser..they are stuck in his face you know – cause why? HE’S IN HELL! Well, not really, he comes back cause he had to make this movie….

  4. Maria says:

    OK – this cracked me up so much!! Can I just say that I not only watched “Mighty Mouse” but I was convinced that I would marry him! When my mom said I couldn’t I threw down a tantrum for the record books. I had a serious cartoon infatuation – I wonder if that fed into my obsession with guyliner?? Thoughts?

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