Mmm. French-Mexican hybrid cooking.

What a perfect combination…

On Friday morning I woke up craving a burrito. Have you ever done that? Awoken to the thought of a specific food? No? Oh. Yeah, me neither. <Achem>

Anyway. I emailed Jess and Matt and Hubby and told them of my desire. Could we please go to Fajita Grill tonight? Pretty please? Eventually the inter-ether spat back an answer – yes. Yay!

Now, I loves me some Burrito California from the FG. It’s a giant burrito covered in a sour cream cheese sauce. I’m fairly sure that it is health food. When the waiter came by I asked him what it came with. He calmly explained that it came with rice and beans and guacamole and… I interrupted him and asked if I could substitute the rice and beans for french fries, ’cause I prefer fries to rice. Who doesn’t?

Well, when I got the burrito it had NO sides. I waited a bit for the fries to appear, perhaps on another plate? Nope. The waiter sauntered over and asked if there was anything else that we needed? I explained that I hadn’t yet received my fries. He looked at me a little strange and then pointed at the burrito. What? He said – “No, senior. They are in there.” Oh! Oh. The fries were in my burrito, instead of rice and beans.

Long story short, I had to eat it with ketchup.

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2 Responses to Mmm. French-Mexican hybrid cooking.

  1. Tara says:

    Ah, and how was it? I doesn’t sound as good as the first description. Hmm. Different.

  2. Brenda M says:

    OMG! That is too funny!

    A burrito with ketchup…just thinking about that makes me a little nauseous.

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