Cute Carpet Wrecker


This is the reason that our relatively new carpet, which is Berber (made of loops), is pulling up in strands.

I frequently find Grady’s chewy bone stuck sideways in a couple loops.

Then Grady comes along and pulls it up, ravaging the carpet.

He proceeds to chew for a few seconds, getting out some pent up aggression. I’m not sure what he experiences that leads to aggression. Maybe a bird flew by the window or the wind hit him in a unacceptable way. Whichever, I wish I could put a sound file on here so you could hear the snapping of his jaws and the horrible sound the bone makes rubbing against his teeth. Because I’m a GIVER.

And he’s off. This kind of looks like he is Nightcrawler from X-Men 2, teleporting away. Or that he has super speed. My dog is a mutant.

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3 Responses to Cute Carpet Wrecker

  1. Tony says:

    be thankful…could be worse, my beagle perfers the butt-scoot over the carpets but it is humorous when he leaves the carpet and hits the hardwoood floors…

  2. Jen says:

    Ha,ha,ha, too cute!

  3. TracyMichele says:

    I was house sitting for a wealthy fam in CE and their dog was acting strange. She kept popping up on the other side of the coffee table as if playing hide-n-seek. I finally went over to her and found her collar was hooked on their She had pulled a link about 4 inches long and made a nice long run in the carpet. ACK! I left it to show the owners and as it turns out (yes.. there IS a point to this ramble) you can have someone come out and re-thread it back into the carpet, so long as you have not cut off the long link. BTW: Cute dog. 🙂

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