The Biggest Loser Families

An Editorial… And a little character assassination

Last night I made Hot Dish and the Hub and I settled in to catch up on our shows. I watched Chuck and Heroes, and then we caught The Biggest Loser. There’s just something so satisfying about watching other people exercise. It’s cathartic.

I have watched Biggest Loser every season that it has been on. I have cheered with the successes and clapped with the breakthroughs and cried with the winners. I have watched dozens of people be upset because they “only” lost 5 pounds this week. But I have never, ever seen such horrible people as I witnessed last night.

if you have not watched this show, Bob and Jillian are the trainers. Bob is a sweet, sensitive guy who makes people reach for their best and guides them on their way. Jillian is a mean drill sergeant with a heart of gold who makes her people work for every pound of lost fat. And usually, their teams generally have the same temperament as the trainers.

This season, however, Jillian’s team, the Black Team, are all sweethearts. They are helpful to each other, and kind to the other team. They are supportive. They celebrate each other’s accomplishments. And even Jillian is getting into the love. She has been like a little therapist to her team, working them through all of their emotional issues. It’s like a giant group hug all the time.

Bob’s team, on the other hand, are not all sweethearts. In fact, there are two members of Bob’s team that are pretty horrible people. Who, you ask? I’ll tell you, my children. Heba and Vicky. They are disgusting.

Heba is a control freak. She hides behind a veneer of sweetness, but even a child could see how fake she is. She is conniving and manipulative and petty. Watching Heba maneuver her team into voting Amy off was repulsive. You see, Heba was angry that Amy’s husband Phil didn’t want to march to Heba’s drum. Phil didn’t do what Heba told him to do. So? She did everything she could to make sure that Phil would be sorry for ignoring her “authority”. She used her limited power to make life hard for others. Bye Bye Amy. You were voted off by a miniature Hitler.

Vicky, on the other hand, is just pure evil. She “doesn’t care” about a prize, so she decides that she wont really try for it. She decides not to compete to the best of her ability. And when the other team was winning, and all of her folks were sitting on the sidelines, she lead them in taunting the Black team. Which, as I stated, is something that the Black Team would not have done if the situation was reversed. And when she rolled her eyes at Amy, when Amy was trying to make her case for staying on the team? There’s only one word for girls like her. Well, that’s not true. There’s lots of them. And none of them are safe to say around children.

Hubby said last night that he hopes that the editing was making Heba and Vickie worse than they actually were. I maintain that they can’t edit in what you don’t say, and that editors work with what you give them. I guess that this season needed a couple villains. And how lucky! A couple villains made it onto the show.

Sadly, even when they have lost weight and are pretty and fit at the finale they will still be ugly on the inside.

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3 Responses to The Biggest Loser Families

  1. Maria says:

    I agree – Heba is evil incarnate. She stayed when her husband or her had to go b/c they want to have kids and blah blah blah……but IMHO – she shouldn’t reproduce.

  2. deb megquier says:

    Heba has got to go!!!!! I should not feel hate for anyone, but she does it for me…Vicky needs to go as well, she is a challenge quitter!!!!!!!!

  3. startedliving says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Lord knows I tried (check it out). But you hit the nail on the head.

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