“Normal” Liaisons

I did stand about 3 feet from her for a while…

I didn’t do much this weekend… had Matt and Jess and Sabrina over on Friday night… watched Hubby gouge out a portion of our dining room ceiling in order to correctly install a ceiling-fan-approved electrical box… did laundry… hung with the fam yesterday… took naps… yeah, nothing much.

I’m just kidding with ya’ll. Yes, as I teased, I went to a Halloween party thrown by Glenn Close on Saturday night. It was different than what I was expecting, but I think that I had strangely high hopes.

I was picturing her house being a giant palace perched on the edge of a cliff, hanging over the ocean, filled with enormous marble rooms. I figured that there would be quiet music played by 50 violins sequestered behind a scrim in the corner of the entrance vestibule. I imagined that small groups of whispering people would be standing about, all dressed impeccably in gorgeous high-end masquerade costumes, each clutching a glass of champagne. I thought that at the appointed time we would all fall silent and turn to the grand staircase, where Glenn Close would appear in full Dangerous Liaison’s regalia, commanding without a word that every eye be focused on her. She would then take two steps onto the landing and quietly say “Welcome to my home, my friends. Please – enjoy yourselves tonight.” I could see her then gliding down the staircase, approaching me, and asking me who I was, who made my wonderful costume, and if, perhaps, we could be the best of friends. But that? Was not to be.

She lives in a beautiful home, to be sure. It is large. But it is not a palace. There were quite a few people there, too. But, since this was also a party being thrown by her step son, they were mostly all in their early twenties. They were loud. And they dressed kinda sluttily. The music was great, but very loud. So? I heard nothing all evening. I tower over everyone, and gradually got a pain in my back from bending over to hear what was being said. Eventually I just stood in my silence and took it all in.

Glenn Close was there. And she was dressed as a Chinaman. In all of her movies that I have seen, she appears very statuesque. Very tall, very strong. Yeah, nope. She is the tiniest ever. She is maybe 5 feet tall, and I would be surprised if she weighed more than 100 pounds. I was afraid to bump into her for fear that I would break her. “Oh my god, that giant oaf dressed as a ghost just bumped into Glenn Close and fractured her! Get out of here, stupid large man!!”

It wasn’t the kind of a party where you asked a complete stranger for a picture, so I didn’t get one with her personally. But I did take one of her with her friends…

And I did interact with her once. I was standing on the staircase behind the band, watching the dancing people. She approached me, and very politely excused herself beside me to go upstairs. A few minutes later, she came back down. And that was that.

I think the thing that hit me the most was that Hey – Glenn Close is a person. I was expecting this “movie star” to appear, and as the night progressed I realized that she is just like anyone else. She was just someone who is throwing a party for her friends and her kid’s friends. The problem wasn’t with her or her party, it was with my expectations.

But, on the whole, the experience I took away was…


P.S. – Thank you, Donalee, for inviting me. You are wonderful. Next year, a theme costume will be had!

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One Response to “Normal” Liaisons

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    I am so sure that on Sunday over brunch served to her on gold plates…she looked over at her Hub and said, “Who WAS that tall hunk of handsome man dressed as a ghost? I want him to be my new bff. Find him and bring him to me.” Today as you’re leaving the building to walk to your car….a limo will pull up…and her assistant will poke his head out of the window and say, “Sir, would you please come with me….Glenn simply must see you today….this very moment. Get in.”

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