A “John Calvin Stevens” house

Kinda creepy-cool, if you know what I mean.

Yesterday Sabrina, Hubby and I went to Kathy and Dave’s for a late breakfast and then tooled around for a few hours just looking at Open Houses. We saw quite a few “cookie cutter new construction” houses, and quite a few “cram all the architectural things that you can into a too-small space” houses, and one pretty awesome house.

The pretty awesome house was on Belmeade Road, just off of Forest Ave, near Back Bay. It was pretty run down, and the yard was unkempt. But. It was a John Calvin Stevens house. Have you ever heard of JCS?

He was an architect who worked in Portland near the turn of the century. (The last one, not the 2000s.) His style was large and expansive. He did many of the buildings in and around Portland. The work that I have seen online today is pretty amazing. I’ll post some at the bottom…

Well, as I said, this house needed some work. But. It was truly an amazing house. It had a huge front living room with a gorgeous fireplace surrounded by built-ins. It had a large dining room which connected directly to a pantry and them onto the kitchen. The kitchen, admittedly, needed quite a bit of work. The upstairs had 4 huge bedrooms and a large tile bathroom. Not once did we hear the floors squeak. Yes, it needs updating, but it seems like the bones are strong.

It was also a little creepy. I think that an older person lived there, in one of the upstairs bedrooms, exclusively. Kind of like Grey Gardens, you know? And the back bedroom had a big lock on it, that opened with a key, only from the outside. What (or who) was locked in there?

I also had dreams all night about the house – walking through it, and it being haunted. I’m not saying that it is, I just dreamed it.

All of that said, if I had the money I would buy that place and fix it up so quick that whatever ghost may be living there would be spinning.

John Calvin Stevens designed the updated State Street Congregational Church.

A beautiful example of one of JCS’s house designs.

This is the house that we walked through. I covet it.

The John Calvin Stevens exhibit at Maine Memory.net: here

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One Response to A “John Calvin Stevens” house

  1. Brenda M says:

    I’ve been in the State Street church…we attended a wedding there several years ago..it was awesome!

    Why does that house remind me of Amityville(sp)?? Is it the way it looks? Your description? Or the fact that Halloween has just ended and I watched too many horror movies again?

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