Halloween 2008

Scary Drapes!

I love Halloween. I love dressing up and eating candy and telling ghost stories and going to parties and most of all, I love scary decorations. I think it all stems from helping my Mom put up the Halloween decorations of years past. They weren’t as sophisticated as they are now. Back then we just put up some cardboard cut outs of pumpkins and a witch-honeycomb-fold-out-thingy and called it good.

Remember my decorations from last year? Yeah, I added some more. And they are spooooky!

Get the kitty, Grady! Get it! … <bump>


Hub bought me these lanterns. He enables my addiction.

They light the hallway perfectly for a haunted night.

Its a tiny tombstone. I don’t know why – I just liked it. Shushy.

We took down our old green velvet curtains that used to hang in the living room almost a year ago. They were cheap and fading and just needed to go. But, I repurposed them as SCARY DRAPES. As seen here, in the kitchen nook.

I was supposed to put candles in this little house, but I think this works better. Plus, there’s less chance of my house burning to the ground.

I love my little pumpkin house. I guess this is the corner of light-up teeny houses.

Hubby’s garden lives on, SCARY-style!

If you stand in front of the mirror and close one eye, then you have a witch hat and teeth. If you are as tall as me.

The piano display. I painted the pumpkins and skull and then shellacked them. Yes, I take this stuff seriously.

Our Halloween potluck. Macaroni and cheese, surprise cup cakes, meatballs, turkey and rolls, pumpkin curry soup, green beans, candy, and cheese and crackers.

And that’s that! On Nov 1 it all came down. It is sitting all piled up on our dining room table right now, waiting for my next burst of gumption to put it all in the basement.

Slideshow? Sure! Flickr

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2 Responses to Halloween 2008

  1. Betsy says:

    I LOVE your decorations, and this is coming from someone who just doesn’t get into decorations!! Actually I loved them all except the skulls (if I’m being honest). I don’t know why but skulls are so creepy to me. I love Halloween, always have – love being someone different for a day. I once won best halloween dessert at a work Halloween party – they were long shortbread cookies, with blood icing cuts and under the almond fingernails; Creepy enough to win!

  2. Sister says:

    I remember those Bets…didn’t you make them when we lived in Dorchester?
    PS. I LOVE Halloween! 🙂

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