Miss Portland Diner

Place: Miss Portland Diner

Time: 1:30pm, Friday, 10/31/08

With: Sabrina

Where: 138 Marginal Way, Portland, Maine


Last Friday Sabs and I were out and about, shopping and getting ready for a Halloween Potluck that was happening that night. We decided to go to the Back Cove Hannaford. When the two of us are together and we have to grocery shop we always end up there. Why? Well, because it’s where all the hot runners from Back Bay go after a run to refuel. Yeah. It’s a thing.

Anyway. We needed to eat, and I remembered that I had heard a rumor (I heard a rumor, I heard a rumor – they say you got a broken heart) that the Miss Portland Diner was opening that day. We decided to see.

Wouldn’t this look awesome in my kitchen? I wonder where they got the tiles…

The Miss Portland Diner is set on Marginal Way in Portland. There is plenty of parking. The building itself looks great – The Miss Portland sign is bright and cheerful and the diner itself has been added onto, with a dining room in the back. Inside, the ceiling of the back dining room is tin tiles (exactly what I wanted to do to the kitchen at chez Chris2fer). It is colorfully painted, with booths on the sides of the room and tables in the middle. Although they could have slid a few more tables in the room, the way it is set up makes it easy to maneuver. It is not crowded, and that is a plus.

Before we left I ventured into the front of the building, the old diner. It has been renovated and yet it looks vintage. It is perfect. A delight.

Our waitress was young and smiley. She was prompt with greeting us, prompt with our drinks, our order, our meals, and the check. I realize that this was the first day, and she was on her best behavior, but I figure since it was busy she could have been flustered, and she was not.

Sabrina ordered a salad with chicken and blue cheese dressing (shocker). She said that it was fresh and large and tasty. She also had a beer. When she ordered her beer it reminded me of those truckers who used to come into Alice’s Diner. Except Sabs has bigger boobs.

I ordered a hamburger with cheese and bacon and onion rings. I asked the waitress if the rings were the ‘frozen from a bag’ kind, or if they made them themselves. She artfully deflected, saying that they were “so good”. And I have to agree. The burger was cooked exactly as I requested, the bacon was crispy, and the onion rings were hot and crunchy and oniony. The side pickle was crisp, thank God. There’s nothing I hate more than a limp pickle. (What?)

After we paid we were stopped by the owner at the door, asking us how the meal was. We had a nice chat with him about the reopening and the items on the menu. He was kind and very excited about the renovation.

For diner food, I was pleasantly surprised. This is a great lunch place. As I am a breakfast person, I am excited to go back and see what they can do with eggs. I recommend.

4 out of 5 stars.

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One Response to Miss Portland Diner

  1. TracyMichele says:

    MAN I miss Maine food. 😦 The restaurants in Portland completely ROCK. And the tiles? You can get them at HD or Lowe’s. You can also order them on line in silver, bronze or gold. We want to use them as a backsplash when we re-do the kitchen. 🙂

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