Random Thoughts 14

Randomness for Randomness’ sake…

1. A couple of weeks ago a friend commented on how bad Q-Tips were for your ears. I use Q-Tips every single day, sometimes twice a day when I am feeling kicky. But I had always heard that they were so bad for you, that they cork-screw the earwax deep into your ear until you are completely deaf forever, and a doctor has to dig it out with a chisel. So? I decided to try to live without Q-Tips. After one week my ears were itching so badly that I had to go at ’em with a Q-Tip. It was incredibly satisfying, not only for the relief that it caused, but for the amount of grossness that I plucked out. …You’re welcome. Enjoy your oatmeal.


2. Christmas is coming. I know this because the barrage of “Where’s your Christmas List?” has begun from my Mom, Sister and Nannie. Hint: I don’t have one. Ooo! I know! I want peace on earth and a few million bucks. Go Santa, go. (And right now Sister Kristin is saying “Fine. No presents for you.”)


3. I am trying to decide what new magazine to get at Chez Chris2fer. We are continuing with House Beautiful, but I am giving up Domino. It’s just not that good. It was more advertisements than cool interiors and interesting places. So – Thoughts? What magazine’s do you get at home, and what need to they fulfill in your life? I like decorating and home magazines. And travel. I don’t like hunting or horse or sports magazines. Or Nascar magazines. Maybe TigerBeat, on a good day.



4. Do you remember when ladies “got their colors done”? I remember my mom having someone come over with about a hundred different colored scarves and laying them all over her to tell her that she looks best in Winter colors. So I was thinking. Since I only wear greens, tans and browns, does that make me an Autumn? And if so, do I look the most attractive right now, in the actual Autumn? And what if I like to wear greens, tans and browns, but I am in fact a Spring or something? What if just I am doing myself a disservice by wearing these colors? What then?


5. I still hate really, really dislike that Vicky lady on the Biggest Loser. Last night the Hubby and I came close to removing it from the Digital Recording List. The only saving grace was that her husband went home at the end. Ha! Take that, horrible little woman. I hope you gain all the weight back. I’m serious.


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4 Responses to Random Thoughts 14

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    What magazines I get at home:

    Everyday w/Rachel Ray-Just let this subscription lapse because I realized that she sucks and I DO believe the stories the Enquirer prints about her husband

    Real Simple-Love it!

    Better Homes and Gardens-Got a good deal….love it!

    Food &Wine-this one is really Rob’s…great recipes in it.

    Everyday Food-let this one lapse as well….too many magazines in the house

    Portland Magazine-Great local stories

  2. Sister says:

    Real Simple – miss my supscription. It has lots of great articles about cleaning and organizing…stuff like that… 🙂
    Better Homes and Gardens – just makes me happy when it comes in the mail.

  3. Lisa says:

    I hate her too!! She almost makes the show not fun to watch…..though loved at the end – when much to everyone’s surprise….her own team (went behind her back) and voted off the hubby….made it all worthwhile…but did you see the previews for next week..Vickie’s revenge list….she must be a very unhappy human!

  4. Peg says:

    I only get two mags:

    Professional Soldier and Modern Drunkard…LOVEEE the articles!

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