To decorate or not to decorate…

We could dress Grady up as a Turkey!

Ah, Thanksgiving time. The time between Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations, when your house seems bare and unadorned. But wait – why don’t we have Thanksgiving decorations? Didn’t we decorate when I was a kid? What to do?

With just a brief Google, a ton of things pop up that I could fling about the house with a festive air:

1. Martha says that I should gild some resin Turkeys in gold and place them all over the Thanksgiving day table. Which is fine, I guess, if I want to buy a decoration and use it for 2 hours a year. And then store it in my ever more cluttered basement. Ah, Martha. You complete me.


2. We used to have a Cornucopia that my Mom would set out. It was a little tired, with fake fruits and a little squished faux bird. Later in life the insides of the cornucopia were lost, and she just set it out empty and sad.


Ours did not look like this. Also – this seems like a terrible waste of food for a decoration.

3. As I mentioned a year ago here, we used to have a paperboard cut out pilgrim village that we would set up in a cleared out shelf in the living room. That was my favorite part of decorating for Thanksgiving. It’s gone now, lost to the ravages of time and my mother’s unforgiving “if it’s ignored it’s gone” hand.


4. Do you remember in 2nd grade when you pressed leaves? You would go outside and pick the prettiest leaves off the tree or ground, and take them inside and put them in large books to dry and flatten. And then you would forget about them until you opened the book a year or two later and out crumbled a dried up dusty leaf. Good times!


5. Of course there are the Pilgrim Die-Cut decorations. We had a few of these when I was growing up, too. I would never put these up at Chez Chris2fer now. They are even too tacky for me, especially since I do not have kids. They remind me of elementary school, for some reason.


What do you put up at your house, if anything?

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4 Responses to To decorate or not to decorate…

  1. Brenda M. says:

    We don’t do too much around here either. One year I had a large group here for T-day and I put candles on the tables and scattered around nuts and dried fruits and clementine oranges so people could just sit and talk and snack on them after the meal(plus they looked cute as decorations). I also hollowed out pumpkins and put flowers in them that year. We’re going to my mum’s this year so I haven’t done anything.

    I have, however, already put the greens in my window boxes and will soon put the wreaths on the doors…

  2. Peg says:

    I hire some Amish people to hang out and give the place some ambiance…nothing says giving thanks like Amish black. P.S. I use them again on Arbor day but that’s for another blog.

  3. Sadie's Mama says:

    I learned this year….that you do not…DO NOT bring acorns in from your front yard….and try to decorate with them. Icky.

  4. Lara says:

    I had some pilgrims that my husband’s late grandmother made. She was pretty handy. I brought them with me on a flight to my inlaws on the Thanksgiving after Sept. 11th, 2001. The airport officials pulled me aside for a “random” check. They pulled the poor pilgrims that Nanny so lovingly created out of my bag and started to grill me about them before trying to confiscate them. I was like, “They are PILGRIMS, not terrorists!” They began to try to disassemble them and were looking at me like I was being sneaky. Oh, the Thanksgiving memories! I think I’ll have to blog about that one!

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