Four Movies

…and I managed to start to organize our DVD’s and CDs. I was multitasking like my girl Martha, yo.

1. On Friday night Jess & Matt had us over for dinner (where we ate an amazing pork chop with spicy chutney ‘plate principal’ – Yay Jess!) and a movie. After much wrangling (and the fact that it was their only ‘flix at home) we settled on “Waiting for Guffman“. In it, a small town theater company puts on a show about the 150th anniversary of their town. A representative of a Broadway producer is scheduled to come and see the show. Hilarity ensues. Have you ever seen “For Your Consideration”? It is like that, but set 10 years earlier and several million dollars poorer. Which is not to say that it is a bad movie. You just have to have some sort of theater background to really appreciate it.

2. Saturday afternoon Sabrina and Hubby and I went to see the new Jim Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. It was a good movie, although a little explody at times. The action was very fast paced (i.e.: I do not recommend this flick for those with epilepsy) and the cars drove fast and everyone was running, running, running. The plot was a little lost on me, as was the reason that the movie was called Quantum of Solace, but I have never claimed to be the sharpest crayon in the box. Truth? I miss the gadgets and slickness of the James Bond’s of yore. But I definitely see the appeal of this new Bond. Yes. If you squint you can see his “appeal” right there…


3. On Saturday night the Wizard of Oz came on TV, so, struck by the winds of inspiration, we got Hub’s DVD and popped it in. It wasn’t until I had said to Hub several times that I didn’t remember Judy Garland being so …plump… in this movie that we realized that we were watching a 4:3 movie in widescreen. Woops! Sorry, Judy! You’re good enough! Don’t turn to drugs and alcohol! This was the recently restored version of the movie, and it did look pretty amazing for being 70 years old. I don’t think that we have watched the movie since Grady was born, so it was a surprise that we watched the movie through Toto’s eyes this time (Grady being the spitting image of Toto, albeit albino). Yeah – Judy man-handles that dog to frustration. I’m surprised he didn’t bite her face or pee on everything or run away. Poor Toto.

4. And finally, last night we watched The Incredible Hulk, from 2008, starring Ed Norton. Wow. This was a great movie, especially compared to the excrement that was the 2003 version. Plus, they threw all sorts of fun little fan-winks into the film. Bruce’s aversion to the iconic purple Hulk pants, Stark Enterprises being all over the place, a clip of The Courtship of Eddie’s Father (Bill Bixby, who starred in TCOEF was also Bruce Banner in the TV version of the Hulk) playing on the TV, Lou Ferrigno as a security guard, and my favorite, the great “walking away” music from the end credits of the TV show played after the first time that the Hulk transformed back into “puny Banner”. I was geeking out so much that Hub kind of just tuned me out. “Yes, how cool.” “Wow, that’s neat”. “OMG, Wee.”

And what films did you watch this weekend?

PS – You can here the Hulk “Lonely Man” theme here.

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