Boston, Faneuil Hall

In which I can’t feel my legs…

My sister and I went to the same college that both of my parents went to. Since it is so near Boston, and Boston is relatively near where we all live, all of my life I have been traveling to Boston and the surrounding area for weekends away or homecoming or other collegiate things. However, I haven’t been back there just for fun in about a year. So, Sister Kristin and Mom and I took a day trip to Boston to walk around and Christmas shop and just hang out like it’s 1999. Well, more like it was 1989, really. And yes, it was pretty awesome.

We boarded the 8:00 am Amtrak Downeaster train and found 4 seats facing each other. I endured some mocking due to my wearing of shorts, but, like my mother always used to say to me (“be like a duck”), I ignored it. It takes about 3 hours to get down to Boston with all the stops. We ate on the train, which I don’t recommend unless in emergencies. It was serviceable but not awesome. On the other hand it was cheap. On the other hand (three hands?) it was a bagel.

We arrived in North Station and walked to Faneuil Hall. Brr. My shorts were not a great idea. But don’t tell Hubby or Mom or Sister Kristin or the 3 strangers that asked me if I was cold or the dozens of passers-by that stared at my like I was insane, since I told all of them that I was just fine, thank you. I immediately started scanning the shopping carts for cheap gloves. And maybe some manly leg warmers.

We met up with our college friend and her new baby and I was all “ech – a baby to hang with for lunch, how droll”. But Oh Em Gee, this kid was cool! He was cute and quiet and he smelled good and he was quiet and well behaved and quiet. Basically just perfect. Every time I’d start talking in the conversation he would look at me and smile the biggest smile. My cold, dead, childless heart melted. My mother held him for a while and I could hear the gears whirring in her head, trying to figure out a way to get one of her own. Sigh. No luck from me, Mom.

Anyway, we ate, we walked, we shopped, we laughed till we choked – it was the perfect day with Mom and SK. …And, cue the pictures!

You know you have a problem when Yoda is your cardboard box labeler.

We come here to eat. Oh, and shop, too. …But mainly to eat.

The center of the Market, where we sat to eat.

I got Scallops wrapped in bacon, and Mom got chicken wrapped in bacon, and we split them. They were on a bed of cold fries that were cooked in month old grease. Mmm.

Oh Tannenbaum was being decorated while we walked around. And ate.

I call this one “Black Lightning” because I am artistic.

We ended up walking to the North End and sitting in Cafe Victoria for a bit. I had a pistachio cannoli to stave off the frostbite on my calves.

We stopped at Mike’s Pastries to get a little something for the ride home. I got this marzipan watermelon. Which tastes like almonds. (??) This is actual size. Have you ever had marzipan? Wow. It’s really good the first bite, and then it gets more and more sweet until you want to throw up. Which makes it perfect to have a giant piece of it on a train while riding in a backwards facing seat. Mmm.

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2 Responses to Boston, Faneuil Hall

  1. Liz says:

    love “black lightning” — good eye!

  2. Brenda M. says:

    😦 I miss Boston and Mike’s(best…cannoli…ever) and how beautiful it is this time of the year! So jealous since my hub would rather cut off his, uhem, than take a train and just hang out, eat and shop.

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