Jen and Sam and Vicky

Two streams of thought for today:

1. When we were in Boston we hung out with Sister Kristin’s friend Jen. Well, she is my friend too. But SK is very close to her, while I simply know her as “that fun blonde girl that my sister hangs out with on occasion, who recently birthed, who married that guy from college with the hard to spell last name”. We had a blast hanging with her and Sam, her spawn. How much of a blast? So much that we took novelty photos!

Catwoman, barely holding her child.

I love the margarita glasses half off Sam’s face. It’s inappropriate on many levels.


And this reminds me of SK’s other friend, Kim, who frequently poses for pictures in interesting ways.

His shirt says “I have no idea who this is”. He’s just months old and already cooler than I will ever be.

2. Oh My Sweet Lord, what will it take to get Vicky kicked off of the Biggest Loser? She was in the bottom two, the vote was gonna go our way, Vicky was going home. I was pre-savoring the moment. I actually wrung my hands and chuckled like a Bond villain. We were watching it about 15 minutes behind (thanks DVR!), and our friend Lisa called and I made Hubby run to the answering machine and turn it down so that Lisa wouldn’t spill the beans (she is equally done with Vicky). I mean, what does she have to do to get kicked off the island? She swore horribly at Amy, and then Amy got rid of the cute blond. Why? WHY? Please help us Bob! Slip her some weight gain powder or something! Make the pain go away!

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One Response to Jen and Sam and Vicky

  1. Kim Wyborney says:

    I feel so honored to have been mentioned in your semi-famous blog. I’d feel even MORE honored to have my actual picture displayed like Jen’s. Blast her for living closer to Boston than me and getting to be in your pictures. Nevertheless, I almost coughed up my hot chocolate I was sipping when I saw her in those glasses. We could have had some really good shots together. Next time.

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