Edward Cullen is DREAMY.

But Miss Pettigrew kicks his butt…

We watched a few movies over the long weekend. Some were great, some were good, and some were excuses to nap. I love paying $5.95 for a HD movie-on-demand nap.

On Saturday night Sabrina, the Hub and I “demanded” Be Kind, Rewind, starring Jack Black and Mos Def. I tried to explain to Sabs that Mos was in that movie.. you know the one… 6 mile? 8 Mile? The one where he had to be taken across town by Bruce Willis… Oh, right 16 blocks. That’s 8 miles, right? Whatever. So, Jack accidently erases all the tapes at the crappy little Mom and Pop video store where Mos works while the owner is away. They decide to re-record all of the movies themselves, and some parts are pretty funny (Driving Miss Daisy). The subplot where they try to save the store from being demolished by making a Fats Waller biography movie, but then DON’T SAVE THE STORE? Yeah – not so fun. And, whoops. I spoiled it for you. You’re welcome.

On Saturday afternoon (yes, I’m going backwards) Sabrina and Hubby and Sister Kristin and I went to see Twilight. And now that I’ve written that word on my blog my hit counter will go through the roof with young girls (and some not so young girls) that are searching the interweb for all of the info that they can find on Twilight. We sat in the exact middle of the theater, surrounded by a throng of pre and just post pubescent girls, twittering and giggling and munching their popcorn. When the movie started they all fell quiet, until Edward Cullen came on the screen. At that point, the moaning and gasping was a little disturbing. Um… Don’t you have Barbie’s to play with? Could you all “begin your journey into womanhood” somewhere else? I don’t want to get any on me. Anyway. The special effects were silly, the acting was crap, and the casting was poor, but everyone in the theater really seemed to love it. I enjoyed it for the hilarity of watching Edward glitter in the sun. Yeah. He glitters. He’s totally gay. Oo! And if you are dragged to it by your significant other, the best best part of the movie is the “new” vampire guy, who stares at everyone all through the movie like he’s in a Hammer film. Truly outrageous.

The best film of the weekend was Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Frances McDormand was perfect as Miss Pettigrew, a down on her luck governess in the late 1930s who sneaks her way into the life of a West End stage actress named Delysia (sounds like delicious, but with “ah”. Total Drag name) and transforms her life. In the process she falls in love, proves herself a masterful matchmaker, and handles all of the “crazy” flung at her with hilarity and wit. This is one of those movies, like Moonstruck, that just makes you feel wonderful. I loved it and cannot praise it highly enough. Rent it immediately. Straight guys, you can secretly rent it and watch it after the “boys” go home. Or watch it all together, awkwardly, I guess.

To cap:
Be Kind, Rewind: Meh.
Twilight: Unintentional Hee!
Miss Pettigrew: See it now.

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One Response to Edward Cullen is DREAMY.

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    We watched Tropic Thunder….which I slept through most of, but the parts I was awake for made my eyes bleed. Also watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall….which had 3 shots of Male Frontal Nudity in the first 5 min of movie…I’m not against Full Frontal Peen, but really….three times? Very un-funny movie. Makes me wonder if I am just “too old” to get today’s comedies??????

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