Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 11

Christmas is coming! And I want a painting…

Welcome to the latest in a series of just a few of my favorite things. I find that these always serve to show my best sides. You know: Geeky, Cheesy, and ever so slightly sentimental.

1. Christmas with Maureen McGovern


The Hub and I met in September, and by Christmas of that year were heavy into that romantic first part of your relationship. You know the one, where you spend as much time together as you can, and whisper coos of sweet love at each other all the time? Yeah. I’m surprised that our friends didn’t strangle us. Anyway. On Christmas afternoon we were in Hubby’s apartment watching tv, and it started to snow. It snowed over a foot through the afternoon and into the evening. I remember us sitting on his couch and listening to “Our First Christmas” from this album while watching it snow. Yes, it is a little cheesy. That doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Buy it!

2. “The Political Lady” by James Jacques Joseph Tissot


A couple of Octobers ago Hubby’s Aunt and Uncle visited us here in Portland. They are wonderful people, well read and so smart and easy to talk to, and we had a blast hanging out with them. We did all of the things that visitors do, which was interesting for Hub and I, as we don’t get around to those places even though we live right here. One of our favorites was the Impressionist exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art. The first painting that I saw when I walked into the gallery was The Political Lady, by James Tissot. I fell in love with it immediately. The above picture doesn’t do it justice. In real life it is 6 feet tall, and the colors are so vibrant and realistic that it appears that she is just about to glance over at you. We tried for months to find a print to hang in our hallway, but the price was just too much for us. Cursed lack of millions!

3. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


I am playing my way through this game right now. In it, you play a secret apprentice to Darth Vader. As the game progresses and you complete quests for Vader, your Force powers grow. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to pick up and fling a Storm Trouper about with just the force of your mind, smacking him into walls and such. Hee! (It’s ok, as the trouper is a bad person on the inside and a clone to boot. Everyone knows that clones aren’t real people). Oh, and the Force lightening that you can shoot from your fingers is pretty gnarly, too. If you’re into games, I highly recommend.

4. The Three Sister’s Island Trilogy, by Nora Roberts


My mom gave these books to me to read several years ago, knowing as she does that I do love me some good fantasy books. I was a little hesitant, as Nora Roberts is a romance (ew) writer, right? Well, yes. But, she also can tell a wicked tale about some witches. I perennially come back to these books ’cause they just make you feel so good after you’re done reading them. See, Nell is new to Three Sister’s Island. She is running from someone, and trying to hide. Once she settles in, she realizes that she is part of a much bigger story that is being told. A story that is full of Magic. Wee! Magic spells!

So, if anyone wants to get me something really awesome for Christmas, I would like the Tissot painting, huge size, print on canvas, framed in gold to hang in my hallway. It should only cost you a grand. I’m worth it, right?

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