The Biggest Loser: Families Finale

Ding, Dong, the (skinny) witch is dead…

It has been a roller coaster of emotions with the show this season. Yay! They are losing weight fast! Boo – Heba seems a little mean. Yay! Bob and Jillian (Bollian? Bobian? Jillob? Jobian?) are back! Boo – Jillian is talking about everyone’s feelings and Bob is yelling at his group. Yay! Fun challenges! Boo – Vickie is a harpy from hell. But the finale has aired, and I have to say that I am happy with the outcome. Well, mostly.

First off, you should have heard the gasps and Ooos and Aahs coming from the couches in Chez Chris2fer when every contestant came back on the show. Good job, everyone! Even those who went home first got into it, and lost a huge amount of weight in 6 months. Stacey looked amazing!

America had to decide who the third finalist was going to be, between husband and wife team Ed and Heba. Both of them made a video pleading with America to please pick Heba. Well, ha ha, karma’s a bitch, cause America picked Ed. See, Heba? It doesn’t pay to manipulate people and situations and be mean. Even if you were the Muttley to Vickie’s Dastardly.

As for the eliminated contestants, After drawing it out for an hour, Heba won. Well, whatever. At least she wasn’t a finalist.

Finally, Vickie came on. And yes, she looks like she has lost weight. The fires of Hell flowing through your veins will drive you to do anything to win, I guess. It was funny the way the producers tried to white-wash her personality with all the touchy feely videos they played. Whatever. We all remember your evil little notes and snide comments and visible distain and obvious uncaring attitude and self important monologues and character assassination attempts. Plus, you were mean to Bob. No one puts Bobby in a corner.  

Finally, after many commercials and loving camera angles of Allison’s baby belly, God smiled on America. Michelle, sweet little huggable Michelle, lost more than Vickie and Ed. Hub and I cheered, and decided that we could indeed watch the next season, since True Evil had not won the day. Love conquers all, Vickie. Even you.

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2 Responses to The Biggest Loser: Families Finale

  1. Betsy says:

    Loved this post Chris. I actually didn’t watch the whole season…the first episode, then a few in between (enough to agree with everything you wrote though), and I too was psyched for Michelle to win. She looked amazing. The transformations on that show are ridiculous!!!


  2. Lisa says:

    Chris and George….you know I could not agree more!! Yea…no Vickie, the only difference is I was home on the couch talking to myself…not good, yelling at the TV – really loud, even worse…and then cheering like a fool when Michelle won…clearly I need to find other adults to participate in my life….my son, who was upstairs doing homework….clearly agrees!

    Merry Christmas…..and love to all.

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