Chris2fer and Hub “go” to the movies

We travelled all the way to our couches.

The Hub and I love to spend an evening watching a movie, especially if it is cold or wet or snowy or icy outside. Who wants to live in the real world, with weather that could (conceivably) kill you? Not us.

Over vacation, as I noted yesterday, we watched alot of movies. Alot alot. Yes, yes, we also volunteered at a soup kitchen and adopted needy children and saved the whales. But who am I to boast?

Here, in a nutshell (I hate Austin Powers) are the movies we saw:

1. Lillies
This is a gorgeous movie set around a false arrest and revenge. A priest is called in to hear a last confession, and instead he is locked up and forced to watch a play (put on by the prisoners) detailing his life and misdeeds. Wonderfully great. It’s gay, though. Be warned. Man loving.

2. The Incredible Hulk
I like Edward Norton in this, but I kept expecting Liv Tyler to speak in Elvish and make the waves all horsey. It was better than the one from a few years ago…

3. Tropic Thunder
I wanted to enjoy this so much more than I did. Robert Downey Jr is fantastic in everything, so there is that. Otherwise, I just noticed Ben Stiller’s amazingly huge and ripped arms. Huh, I said. Huh.

4. The Dark Knight
Although I saw this in the theater I found that I needed to watch it again at home to get all the nuance. This is a great superhero movie. Bale is amazing as Batman (aside from his 8-packs-a-day-voice) and Ledger is even better than you’ve read.

5. Kung Fu Panda
This was the first of two great animated movies we watched. The Hubby isn’t so much into the cartoons, but I delight in my inner child and would watch them all the time. My inner child’s name is ‘Topher, by the way. He likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and feels all funny about Superman. What? Oh yeah. Good movie. Rent it.

6. The Forbidden Kingdom
Aside from Jackie Chan’s atrocious accent, this was a terrific Kung Fu flick. Jack’s son is a wimp, and so (of course) magically gets plopped into feudal China to fight all mystical martial artsy style with the HeeYaa! and the Yeeeee! Great special effects and a good story make for an entertaining afternoon.

7. The Women (Remake)
Don’t bother. See the original.

8. Milk
This is the one movie that we saw together in the theater, and I’m glad I didn’t wait for this on DVD. You all know how I feel about gay rights, so I wont get into that. Sean Penn is perfect as Harvey Milk, James Franco is perfect as his partner, and Josh Brolin is perfect as his foil. This is a story that should have been told long ago, just like this. Go see it. Wonderful.

9. Seven Years In Tibet
How did I miss this years ago when it came out? It reminds me of The Last Emperor. Cinematically this is a beautiful movie, both for the setting and the main actor (Pitt). It is a slow moving story about a man who comes to find out who he is by being submerged into another culture. Excellent.

10. Fred Claus

11. Hancock
I don’t understand why more folks didn’t like this movie. I thought it was a nice wrinkle in the superhero genre. Good effects, good casting, good story. I could watch it again and be just as happy. Why the hate?

12. Wanted
Although extremely violent, I do love me some wire-fu and such. And James McAvoy. And Angelina. And curving bullets. And James McAvoy. Wait – I said that. …James McAvoy.

13. Wall E
When this started I turned to the Hub and said “I will cry at some point during this movie. Please do not mock me.” And I did. And he didn’t. This was the best romance movie I have seen all year, and surprise! It was a Pixar movie. if I had to sum it up in one word, it would be “Awwww.”

14. White Christmas
A perennial favorite. How could you not love Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney singing the title song just as it starts to snow in Vermont? A great golden age musical that is guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit.

14 movies in 16 days. We took a few days off to open presents and be with people and eat, of course. And this doesn’t even log the two LOTR movie’s that Sabs and I watched.

Time to get on that exercise bike…

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6 Responses to Chris2fer and Hub “go” to the movies

  1. Wendy says:

    Great list! Jalen and I watched Hancock last night and loved it! He’s taking a class at SPHS called Movie Mania in which he gets to watch movies and review them. We definitely didn’t have that class when I was there in the 80’s!

  2. Brenda M says:

    Oooh love, love, love White Christmas but even more so Holiday Inn.

    Sounds like a relaxing time for you guys…I envy you!! However, I will make like chris2fer this weekend as I watch all 10 episodes of The Tudors and make the husband watch the kids 😉

  3. Sadie's Mama says:

    Tropic Thunder–I wanted to love it…I slept through most of it…leaving Rob to sit in a chair bleeding from the eyeballs from the pain. I woke up…realized I was watching ca-ca…took it out of the DVD player, back into the Netflix envelope and marched it right down to the mailbox. Couldn’t even watch the whole thing.

    Wall-E!!!!!! I really liked it!!!!
    Hancock–eeesh. Rob liked it….I wasn’t so big on it.
    Wanted-Really liked it. Very LOUD…well if you watched it in our house when Rob jacks the volume up on the surrond sound to about 75.

    Fred Claus-Immediately removing from my NetFlix Queue

    You kids DID watch alot!!!

  4. Sabs says:

    What about LOTR fest 2009?

  5. Jeff Scott says:


    I haven’t seen all these movies, but here are my thoughts on a couple of them:

    The Incredible Hulk- I’m pretending the first one didn’t ever happen and that I didn’t sleep through it in the theaters twice. It’s in my top-5 all time bad movies list.

    Wall-e: I think I’m the only person in the world that didn’t really care for this movie. It just didn’t strike a chord with me. I do remember being tired when I saw it, so I’ll probably give it another go.

    Kung-fu Panda: LOVED IT!!! I blatantly used my 5 year old son as an excuse to see this movie. Glad I did and will probably use him as an excuse to buy it!

    The Forbidden Kingdom: I love Jet Li, his fighting sequences are usually great. This is a great opportunity to see him with another martial arts favorite- Jackie Chan. Chan’s “comical” grunts and such get tiresome for me though.

    Milk: I haven’t seen this yet. I just watched the 1984 documentary on Harvey Mild that was available on last week. I had never heard of him before. The documentary left me speechless and I’ll probably take in the movie too. I can tell Penn is dead-on just from the trailers.

    Hancock: I agree, I liked it too and don’t understand the hating!


  6. Jeff Scott says:

    That was supposed to read “Harvey Milk” not “Harvey Mild”. grrrr…

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