Just Like Gram’s Ceiling


Every winter the Hub and I plan one or two big projects around the house, to get us up from the couches, to give us something other than the cold and the price of oil to complain about,  and to increase the value of chez Chris2fer. We have torn down wallpaper and patched walls and replaced one whole bathroom and put up moldings and spackled and sanded and painted almost every room.

You see, when we first moved into our house it was a patchwork of insane colors and weird repairs and shoddy wiring. After 5 winters and numberless projects it is much nicer, a calm and cozy haven of serenity and earth tones that welcomes you with a hug. There are a few things left to do, and luckily it is winter, so…

This is our old kitchen ceiling. It is white drop tile, 2 X 2 squares. It is not horrible, but it is also not too nice. Please note that the one dark square is a try-out tin tile, not one black tile that we randomly have inserted into our ceiling for weird effect.


When I was in Miss Portland Diner the first time it re-opened, I noticed that they also had drop tiles, 2 X 2 squares. But, they had tin ceiling tiles in place of the industrial white particle board kind. I vowed to get them immediately. After we searched for months online and finally decided which to buy (they were not too too expensive, just too) they were shipped and arrived at our house. Now began the “wicked fun” process of putting them in.

I thought – how hard can it be? We took out the old tiles, numbered them to a grid in order to replace them (they sit on top of the finished tin tiles for sound dampening) and started to paint the white grid.



Oh. My. Sweet. Lord. Do not spray paint your grid metallic black. Go, buy metallic black paint and use a brush. You will save yourself WEEKS of pain, and it will look better. We had to drape the whole kitchen in plastic in order to spray paint, ’cause it goes everywhere. At one point I walked out into the dining room for a second and when I went back I noticed that I had left footprints on the new dining room carpet form the spray paint dust. Wee!


Also – keep in mind that I was in a hermetically sealed room spraying paint for hours at a time. I’m fairly sure that now I am retarded mentally challenged and that my lungs are sparkly black.  

Finally, I decided that the grid looked good enough. I got out the tin snips and started to install the tiles. Yeah. Here’s a tip. Wear gloves when snipping tin, cause recently snipped tin is sharper than a laser. I only have 7 fingers now. “Grady! Put down Daddy’s pinky! Come back here! This is not a game!”

At the end of the project, I have to say that I am pleased. It turned out beautiful. Labor intensive, but beautiful.


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3 Responses to Just Like Gram’s Ceiling

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    It looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to come over and put them up in our kitchen!!!!!!! Loves it!!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Wow!! It looks amazing!!! I can’t believe you’ve been there for 5 years!! I remember the mismatched cute little place you guys bought. Great work!

  3. Sadies, Mamas' Big Brother says:

    i was just trying to tell my little sister, mary , what a mess spraying paint is ;and had sworn to my wife if the house ever needed painting again it was being vinyl sided. 5 years ago we vinyl sided the hovel. i’m sure rob will feel the same when he is done too. not sure if he can spare the brain cells?!

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