Ah, the Misfortunes of Leisure…

i.e. Crap happens…

Overall, I  had a great Holiday-themed vacation. Joy, laughter, too much food, good times, parties, gatherings, presents, eating out, spending too much money, gift giving just for the feeling of giving, hugs, music, red and green and gold and silver, it was all good. Well, not all all good. There were a couple wrinkles in my tapestry of baby-Jesus happiness.

Do you remember that we put in a gas heater to compliment our oil heating? Wait – I’m sure that I wrote about it. Let me check.

Nope. Ok – here’s the long and short: We put in a gas monitor to compliment the oil heating. Caught up? Excellent. You are at the top of the class. You are the smartest.

One particularly cold morning just after the start of the-vacation-that-would-not-end I decided to turn on the oil heat, as the gas monitor was struggling to get us over 65 degrees. An hour later I was still chilled. I walked over to the cold part of our living room (every old house has cold places – it’s where the ghosts live) and touched the baseboard heat – nothing. It was freezing. Excellent.

Our wonderful furnace guy, TIM DELANEY, DELANEY FURNACE (207)831-5974 (please give me a discount) rushed over and ascertained that the pipe was frozen. He attached some heat tape to the pipe and we plugged that in. And hour later, nothing. Then, he went and rented a generator with two car jumper cables on the ends. He attached this to the pipes and electrified them. It took an hour, but the ice eventually broke up and we had heat. Then he tells me that for less than we just spent in the emergency visit and repairs we could have added antifreeze into the pipes and they would never freeze again. Thanks for that timely tip, Tim.

And the second bad thing? My car died. Hubby parked it in the garage on the Friday I left work for the last time last year, and two weeks later the battery was all green foamy and dead.

It’s a weird feeling to not have a vehicle. I felt trapped. I was darting around the house scrabbling at windows and aching to leave. Please keep in mind that when my car worked I couldn’t care less about leaving my warm, safe, comfy home. But when it didn’t? I wanted to roam free. I found that I needed to run all the errands that I’d put off for two weeks. I was humming “Moving Right Along” and “King of the Road” and “Running on Empty” and “On the Road Again” and “Mustang Sally” and “Magic Carpet Ride”. (If MixWit was still running I would totally make you a tape. Sigh.)

Eventually we jumped my car (dirty!) and I got a new, better battery from “ED’S BATTERY” (Gimme discount!) in Westbrook. And now all the things that I thought were slowly wearing down in my car work awesome! My heater is like the center of the sun and my blower (dirty x2!) is all blowy and my heated leather seats are all heated.

And that’s that.

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One Response to Ah, the Misfortunes of Leisure…

  1. Scott says:

    For some reason, as soon as you mentioned your car, I had an image of you climbing into a maroon Volkswagen Rabbit. Did you used to drive one of those or something?

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