A Childhood Record

Rockwellian (Norman)

When we were kids there was nothing better than “staying over night” at Nannie’s. At Nannie’s we could eat cereal for dinner and watch cartoons in the living room and watch Creature Double Feature in the basement. And we could listen to all of Nannie’s old fashioned records in the spare bedroom.

You see, kids… Records are giant plastic CDs that wear out very quickly, and get scratches on them when you glance at them. They sound good at first, but quickly degrade to only hissing and pops. And you listen to them with a needle! They rock!

Nannie had all sorts of great records, like Anne Murray and some country guy and some other country guy. She also had great kids records, like Peter Pan. But my very favorite, the one record I would listen to over and over again, was a recording of Silver Bells, by I-don’t-remember. On the cover was a painting of a 1950’s city street toy store, at night, at Christmas. I remember looking at that painting and deciding which toy I wanted. I loved that record.

And Lo, the second track from my Christmas album…
Silver Bells

The previous track: Here

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