Saxaphone Solo!

That is NOT me snapping on this track…

When I was in High School I was a member of that most select of select groups, the Select Chorus. We numbered about 20, and were “selected” members of the normal chorus who could sing just a skosh better. That, or if you were  a guy you automatically made it into Select. There were a surprising lack of guys who where in High School Chorus. Shocker.

Of the guys who were there, I was good friends with Jeff H. and Tim G. They were football players who also could sing. It was very “metro” for the time. I wonder what they are up to now. Of course, it’s been smishteen years, so who knows? Maybe they live across the street from me and I don’t recognize them. If so, “Hi, guys! Guess what? Gay! …I know!”

One of the best things about Select was that we got to miss school frequently during the Christmas season in order to perform around town, usually for Nursing homes or in the lobby of large corporations. I fondly remember the afternoon that we sang in the Hannaford Brothers lobby to all those workers who were just walking by on the way to work. It was kind of a concert for ourselves. “Hello, disgruntled workers! Here’s a mini candy cane!”

The best song that Select did that year was Winter Wonderland. It was in 4 part harmony, and to this day when I hear it I sing along to the tenor part. And Coreyander does, too. She was a tenor with me in Select (remember – lack of guys).

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight…
Winter Wonderland

The previous track: Here

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  1. Wendy says:

    Is Tim G Tim Gato??? I

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