Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 12

An all 80’s edition. (Except for # 5. )

1. The Pirates Of Penzance movie

I have a bootleg copy of this on DVD, and it’s one of the most awesomest things ever. Kevin Kline and Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) and Linda Ronstadt and Rex Smith star in an all 1980’s version of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta. You need to search online and find a version of Linda singing “Poor Wandering One”. And try to sing along with it, I dare you. When I try Grady hides and Hub flashes me that “Stop it immediately” look.

Here are my favorite photos of Linda and Rex…





You can hear some of Rex’s music here

2. Kids Incorporated

This was on the Disney Channel back when we stole it from the cable company. It starred Martika, yo! Remember her? She sang “Toy Soldiers” (wont you come out and play with me?) and “I Feel The Earth Move”. It has terrible acting and singing and sets and yes, I loved it. Sister Kristin and I watched it all the time. Sigh. I miss my ripped sweat-shirt. Artfully ripped, of course.  

Kids Incorporated theme

Martika’s music

3. David Winter Cottages

Little tiny cottages with incredible detail. These were also huge in the 80’s. My mom has several of them on top of her cabinets. I plan to steal them one day. The story was, that every one had a little tiny mouse hidden somewhere on them. At least, that’s what my Mother told SK and I. We would spend hours looking for that mouse. Hmm. Pretty sneaky, Mom.




4. Barbra Streisand’s Broadway album


“Putting It Together” came up on my ipod shuffle a couple days ago and I realized how much I had ignored this album and how utterly fabulous it is. It goes without saying that Babs is one of my favorites. I mean, I am the stereotypical gay guy who loves Babs and Judy and Cher and Madonna. It’s in my blood.

Hear it Here

5. Bob Harper

I know that he is meaner this season, but it’s kind of working for me. Plus, it looks like he may have had a Twinky or two as he has lost the Skeletor look. Lookin good, Bobby! Keep yelling at Joelle, it’s HOT.


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2 Responses to Chris2fer’s Favorite Things 12

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    and? and? IS there a little mouse????

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