Fore River Sanctuary

I don’t know how the Fellowship of the 9 did it…

On Saturday morning we reached 34 degrees in Portland. From there it gradually went down till it reached 4 degrees by around nightfall. However, it was beautiful and sunny, so Sabrina and I decided to hike the Fore River Sanctuary Trail, a part of the Portland Trails network. I had never walked a Portland trail, so I was interest to find out if it was just a trail through the backyards of some sketchy neighborhoods, or if it is really like a nature walk.

It’s a nature walk. Through snow. That you sink into. Picture a path through the woods, up and down hills, that is covered in 6 inches of sand. Now, walk it in boots. That’s what we did, except the sand was white. And while Sabs is running along like Legolas on top of the snow, I am plunging further and further into the drifts, (I would like to picture that I am Gandalf, but probably and most likely I am Gimli).

However, all of the sweating and freezing aside (did you know you can do both at the same time? The wonders of the human body!), it was a beautiful walk. We were completely alone in the woods, crossing the river on several little bridges, wandering through the glades. It’s what I would like my backyard to be.

BTW, on our way back to the car at about 1pm, it was 25 degrees with a 26 mph wind, so it felt like 9. Wee!


Sabrina is pleased to be outside in the snow. She does her best impression of Richard Simmons.


This is the first little foot bridge that we came (and went) across. Picturesque!


Uplifting commentary…


This is my Gandalf staff that I used to lever myself out of snow drifts and up steep inclines.


The bridge of Khazad dum.


This was the glade that we found. The trees were packed so closely together that sunlight barely filtered through. Mystical! Magical!


The Fore River in Winter






And this is from my back porch. I think that’s Venus, or some planet or something.

If you have a free Saturday you should definitely check out the Portland Trails system. I know I will be revisiting this trail.

…in June.

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One Response to Fore River Sanctuary

  1. Sabs says:

    We should go again this weekend!

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