TV Time

I missed good TV…

We (the Hub and I) are watching a couple of shows currently, and I wanted to touch base with you since I know you are dying to know what I think. I’m so self important! Look at me, look at me! I obviously didn’t get enough attention as a child. Sigh.

1. The Biggest Loser

Why is Joelle still there? And why is Bob being nice to her? Also – thank god that that kid (David) who was eating friend chicken and smoking went back home. I feel badly for Daniel, ’cause he needed to stay there, but come on David! This is a huge opportunity! I totally agreed with Tara when she went all Alexis Carrington on him.

2. Fringe

This show is losing me. Time to start telling us some info! And stop with the cheesy themes (a internet site that melts brains… we get it. Too much computer = bad). It’s no Lost.

3. Lost

I am so glad that this show is back. I missed me some Jack. And Hurley always makes me smile. And the Dharma Initiative is so creepy and mysterious. And Sawyer’s nicknames. I could do without Kate. Eh. I loves me some Juliet, though! Maybe they could fight to the death on the time skipping island of constant white-outs.

4. Top Chef

Well, Jeff went home this week. Bye Jeff! You were cute but uninspired. Thanks for taking your shirt off so much! Also – I love Fabio (I loves-a me-a some Fabio). He’s just so innocent and likeable. Who knows, though. There’s a rumor that he is just some shmuck from Jersey who is putting on an accent. That would rock. And evil Stefan. Always smiling and always talking smack. Unfort, I think he may win this. He’s fun to hate!

5. American Idol

The last couple of years have just been “eh” for me, but I am getting weirdly excited this year. Hi Simon! I love you! Also – Paula totally got it last night that the producers are replacing her with Kara. The drug clouds parted and she saw the writing on the wall. She got up and walked out, and I was all “Yay! She’s gone!”, but then she probably realized how much money she is currently making and how much she will not be making soon, and she walked back in. Anyway, I am getting excited for the singing! I need a Melinda or Jennifer to vote for, though. Come on, producers! Make me happy!

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One Response to TV Time

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    I’m rolling with the Fabio is faking the accent rumor. This week, ‘My Mama she’s seek and I need da monney.” Riiiiggghhhhhhhht.

    I like him though…..I would love it if he won and they found out he was just a dude from Jersey!!!

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