The Foreside Tavern

Place: The Foreside Tavern
Time: 7:00 pm, Saturday January 31, 2009
With: Hubby & Sabrina
Where: 270 Route 1, Falmouth, Maine

On Saturday I worked on the kitchen ceiling (there was a small part of it that I had not finished) while Hub and Sabs went to the movies to see Grand Torino. Since that held no desire for me, and since I needed some time alone for projects, it worked out perfectly.

When they were done we were going on and on about places to eat. Should we eat here? No, I was here just last week. Should we eat there? No. I had there for lunch at work on Thursday. Should we eat bleh? No – I’m tired of bleh. Oh! How about Moose Crossing? It’s not there anymore. But Foreside Tavern is! Yay! Let’s go.

We arrived 6:30ish to find a packed parking lot. For a large lot there was surprisingly few spaces open. We went in, gave our name, and sat down in the small waiting area. The ever-decreasing-in-size waiting area. After a few minutes so many people were standing in front of me that all I could see was a sea of butts (some nice, some not). Unfortunately, the waiting area is between the dining room and the bar, and between the bar and the bathroom, so there was ever a chorus of people mumbling at each other to “get out of the way, already”. 30 minutes later, we sat.

Our waitress was named Tatum, and she informed us that she was normally the bartender but it was busy, so she was helping out. Tatum had curly brown hair and tats and was tall and brash. She reminded me of Chrissie Hines (I wrote this in my notes: Tatum, tats, ‘tude, tall, tough. Even my notes are poetry! You’re all so lucky). She was friendly and bantery and awesome.

We started with the Roasted Garlic Potato Dip with bacon and herbs. It didn’t say which herbs. I guess it’s up to the chef. Guess the herbs! It was served with little crusty pieces of bread. And it was decadent. Mmm. Cheesy goodness.

Sabrina (as usual) had the Caesar Salad with Salmon. Hubby had the Steak Salad. Both of them loved the food. Hubby’s had pickled onions sprinkled liberally over his. Sabrina’s had salmon. As it should.

I was hankering for and ordered a hamburger. I had it with caramelized onions and bacon. Mmm Mmm Good. The fries were nothing special, but tasty.

The true standout of the evening was the fact that Foreside Tavern MAKES THEIR OWN FRESH DONUTS. Which, as you can tell, I was mildly interested in. We ordered some, and they came to our table, piping hot from the oil, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and with a chocolate dip. And then, 23 seconds later, they were magically gone.

Need I say more? Go for the atmosphere, go for the service, go for the food, but whatever you do, don’t miss the DONUTS.

4 out of 5 stars.


The Foreside Tavern

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One Response to The Foreside Tavern

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    donuts…..oh…the donuts…….they do not always have them on the menu. you should go there as many times as you can before they change the menu!!!!!!

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