One Hot August Afternoon

Did I ever tell you about…

Do you ever set out to make a memory? You know, to set up the situation so perfectly that you just know that it will be one of those cherished stories that you tell for years and years, until your loved ones are all “Shuddup! Yes, I know about the time that you did such and such with whodee-who. I KNOW. Sheesh”.

One of my favorite memories from BH (before Hubby) was set up just this way. Coreyander and I were hanging out one hot August afternoon several years ago, just chillin’ and maxin’, sort of relaxin’, nothin’ too taxin’, doin’ some faxin’, our hair was flaxen, we are both Saxon, we like Michael Jackson, blabitty blaxin’, when Coreyandrix decides that she wants to go visit her grandmother. Okee!

Seeing as how her Gmommy had passed several years ago, we planned a trip to a quaint little cemetery far away from civilization. We decided to make an afternoon of it, and we packed a blanket, a boom box (pre-iPod days), and some strawberry wine. Yes, strawberry wine. I know, Ew.

We drove for about an hour to somewhere else, and we parked off the side of the road in a thicket. Thicket is a funny word, don’t you think? Say it with me. Thicket. Uh huh. We got all our stuff out of the car, found C’s Grandmother, and set up camp to spend some time. We sang along to George Michael, drank some wine, and generally just hung out.

Dark clouds started rolling in, very quickly. As we had eyes, we could tell that it was going to rain. So, we decided, being the bohemian youngin’ s that we are (were), to stay outside under the warm rain and laugh and basically star in our own cheesy movie. It started to rain, and we laughed and laughed as we got damp and then moist and then wet and then soaked.

Who knew that a driving rain could whip itself up out of nowhere in a 80 plus degree day? Who knew that the place where we were sitting was really just basically dried out mud? Who knew that the rain would drop our collective body temperature from a little too warm to freezing in 20 seconds? We certainly didn’t know this. But we know it now.

We tried so hard to wait it out through the rain, but finally gave in to our need for dryness and warmth and ran back to the car (after a quick goodbye to the fabulous lady we were visiting). It wasn’t until a few months later that we realized what a great memory we had made.

And there you have it, my movie style memory. Let’s all throw our heads back and laugh at the folly of youth. Ha ha!

PS – We did not fax, nor is our hair flaxen, and I’m fairly sure we are not Saxons. But the rest is true.

PPS – Only Micheal Jackson’s stuff from the 80s and early 90s.

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