Random Thoughts 15


1. The Hub has a cold, and we have weekend plans that are very important. I know he didn’t mean to get sick, but Boo. Plus, if I catch something, death. I hate being sick. And everyone else hates it when I am sick. I am whiney and lethargic and short tempered. Wee!

2. Did you see Whitney Houston on the Grammys? She either had her wig on too tight, or girl got WAY too much face work done. She looked like her name should be Whitney Hu.


3. How often do they come out with a Zelda game? I want a new one. NERD!

4. I love that the Biggest Loser is nice again. Last night, one lady really was homesick and needed a boost, so several of the guys and her teammate all threw the challenge that they were competing in so that she could win, and see her husband. It made me smile.

5. I hate that Tatiana girl on Idol. GORSH! Go home! Stop crying! At the end of the episode when Paula was telling their room that they were going on to the next day, Tatiana was off to the side all “pleasepleasepleasePaula…this is my dream…boo hoo… please…PLEASE! PLEASE!”. It was both horrible and awesome to behold. They better get rid of her tonight.

6. Hilltop Steakhouse in Saugus (just outside Boston) was the coolest place to eat when I was a kid. There were statues of cow! It was themed! Now? It’s just a place for the elderly. It’s like a nursing home with badly cooked steak.

7. When does Project Runway start again? I need a Tim Gunn fix.

8. I’m gonna try to grow a tray of wheat grass at home, just for the green of it. I saw how to do it in Better Homes and Gardens. Yes, I subscribe. Step off!

9. I want to travel to NYC and have lunch with Sarah Jessica Parker. Can I work that out? Anyone know SJP? Come on! I promise I’m not a stalker. I just think she’s COOL.

Be good, kids!

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts 15

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    OMG I was thinking of growing the grass too…for some color….and there is nuttin wrong with a subcription to BHG…it comes to our house too….gone are the days of Cosmo and Glamour….now it’s BHG and This Old House.

    When you see SJP…tell her those boots she had on the other day….ICK! Burn them.

  2. Sabs says:

    At the SoPo community center they are growing daffodils indoors in milk crates. They are so pretty and springy. Everytime I walk by them I smile and it is hard to smile at 6am on a dark cold winter day.

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