NYC, More Pictures!

The apple, she is big…

Since we came back from NYC every time I see a commercial or TV show or movie that is set in a big city I try to figure out where it was filmed in NYC. You know, from the intense knowledge of the city that I gathered in my 3 days there I am obviously an expert now. Ah, me. So wacky.


The Washington Arch. This was commissioned in 1889, for the centennial of George Washington’s inauguration. Well, not this arch specifically. A wooden one was first built, but it was such a hit that they recommissioned one in marble. And who says blogs aren’t educational?


This is a brownstone on 72nd Street that I want to live in. I love the windows, and the stone, and the brick, and the patina, and the round top door. Make it mine!


This is the American Museum of Natural History. We went to the Hayden Planetarium inside, and saw “Cosmic Collisions” on Sunday morning. The planetarium is inside a giant ball. It’s freakin’ awesome.


This is the main tent for Fashion Week. Sadly, we did not see Sarah Jessica Parker. She therefore has no idea that we are best friends. Someday, Sarah! Someday… Also – no sighting of Tim Gunn. The perfect situation would have been if Sarah and Tim were skipping hand in hand down the lane in Bryant Park and they ran into The Hub and me, and to apologize they took us to lunch and told us all about their fabulous lives.


Although our suite was awesome, the bathroom was strangely cold. This is how we heated it.


I found this sectional at ABC Carpet and Home, a huge furniture store on Broadway. Can. You. Imagine? I would never leave this nest of comfort. I would pile it high with blankets and pillows and have sleep-overs and movie watching parties. Grady would LOVE IT.


Times Square. I love the lights.
…I also love the nightlife. It’s ’cause I gots to boogie.

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