A Tiny Reminder of Spring

I know you missed pictures of Grady…

It has been awhile since I have posted any pictures on here, so I thought… Why not? How about I share the minutia of my life with the whole of the internets…


This is the new tree topper that I bought this past Christmas. It’s a metal star with little star cutouts that make little star shapes on the ceiling. It’s so much better than the ghetto Walmart “angel” that we used to have. I actually had to remove a magic wand from her hands before I would consent to use her. I’m not kidding. Also – Hello, little Grady- head ornament!


This is Grady’s patented “Listen To Me, Stupid Human!” pose. He will stand and stare a hole into your head with his beady little eyes. Usually he will pull this stunt when he sees a ghost or hears an imaginary sound or if you have said something that strikes his fancy in random conversation, like “treat” or “Bach” or “hello”.


This is Grady in camouflage. We recently bought two of these furry white pillows at Target and two of these bright white throws at Ikea ($3.95!). Grady blends right in. It’s fun if you are going to bed and you are calling for him to come upstairs and he is no where to be found so you go downstairs and start stomping around the house calling for Grady! Grady! Grady! and you start to think Oh My God, what if Hub left him outside and he somehow escaped and is now trying to cross a very busy street somewhere and then you take a breath and pause cause you’re freaking out and then you see Grady sitting ensconced in his white camo watching you lose it.


And finally, this little bastion of hope appeared beside my house this weekend. I almost cried. Who knows? Come June, the snow bank might have melted enough to see this from the driveway.

Happy Monday!

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