Anonymous Intimacy

In which I judge college freshmen…

Last night Sabrina, Mary, Hubby and I went to a Post Secret function at the Lewiston Middle School, which, surprisingly enough, is actually very nice. Have you heard of Post Secret? It is run by a guy named Frank who solicits people’s secrets via post card, then posts 20 of the best once a week to his website. Here. He also has several books of secrets published.

It was an interesting evening, rushing away from work, rushing to freshen up, rushing to Lewiston, rushing through dinner, and rushing to the venue. Oh, and rushing home ’cause Sabs was whining about having to be in bed by 9pm. She needs her 11 hours of sleep. Hmm.

The show itself was pretty good – Frank talked for about an hour about how he started Post Secret how it has affected his life, and then he shared some of his favorite secrets. He then opened the floor to anyone who wanted to share a secret. There were several brave girls who got up and tearfully shared heartfelt and sincerely touching secrets. However. There also were several girls who got up and I couldn’t help myself but think “Oh, sit down, you attention-whore”. Like the girl who said “I just want to be there for myself. I give and give to others, and I need to find time for me.” Yeah – Looks like you just did. Congrats. And yes, I know I shouldn’t judge. But I did. I judged. And I’m ok with it.

On that note…


Hello. I am fluffy and perfect. Look at me pose, with my feet together. Worship me!


I will allow this touching to happen merely because it pleases me. Your enjoyment matters not. Notice my distain.


I stun you into paralysis with my stench breath!


And, I’m done. Goodbye.

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One Response to Anonymous Intimacy

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    I think they eye opening part of the evening was before we went inside…

    “Which building? That one? I think the one that all those high school kids are going into. Great…surrounded by high schook kids.”

    And then the shocking realization that they were in fact college kids and I am old.

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