Gonna Dress You Up In My Love

Hold still while I put your paw in to this sleeve. Why wont you hold still?

Who decided that the normal progression of a cold would be throat, head, nose, throat, chest? I am currently dealing with a chest cold that migrated there yesterday. I’m hoping that that means that in the next couple of days it will migrate right out of my body. Bye, cold! Smell ya latah! Thanks for hangin’ around for THREE AND A HALF WEEKS. Bah.

…and Grady week continues!


The look… of love… is in… your eyes… The look…your smile… can’t disguise… Oh, wait. That’s not love. I imagine that he is picturing tiny laser beams erupting out of his eyes and piercing into my head…


Can you see him?


Hell0! He likes to be nestled in nooks and crannies. I swear he is more like me every day.


Aw! You can’t tell, but this is a pea-coat. Who’s a pretty boy? You are! You are!

I will be at a conference for a couple of days, The Women’s Summit 2009. What? I have it on good authority that men go, too. I’ll be the most popular guy at the prom!

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