American Idol, Season 8, Top 11

I fellll intoooo a burninnnng riiiing ooooof Faaaaaaahhhh…. <pling pling plunk>

I am LOVING American Idol this season. However, I have been sadly remiss in covering my love here on ol’ Chris2fer. So? Here are the top 11, plus some others, and my thoughts. Buckle up, Buttercup! The ride, she bumps!

adam Adam Lambert

Hmm. First off, I would say that I would give my left nut to be able to sing like this guy. His voice is amazing. Secondly, I would say that if he can reign it in just a tish, he might win this. But, if he fags out just a teensy bit more, he’s totally outta there! He is so “Hot Topic” – you can practically hear all of the non-conformist conforming goth kids taking just a moment from cutting themselves to listen to Adam whine-sing and join their voices in a cacophony of music devoted to the night. PS – My favorite part of the night was Randy Travis’s obvious distaste at the mere sight of Adam. Oh, Grow up, Travis.  


Alexis Grace

Well, Alexis sang “Jolene” by Dolly. And, it was just “eh”. She is little and pretty and she can sing alright, but not really well enough to be a Kelly or Carrie. Or even Clay. Bye!


Allison Iraheta

I’m afraid that Allison doesn’t fit the mold, which is too bad ’cause I like her. She’s a little too quirky. AmId loves the quirky, but you have to be very, very cute to stick around week after week if you’re pulling the quirk. Allison just isn’t cute enough.


Anoop Desai

This is a terrible picture of Anoop. He is much more attractive than this. You know Mohinder on Heroes? Annop reminds me of Mohi. Hot. Also, ‘Noopy can sing. It’s a little strange to watch it happen, ’cause his voice totally doesn’t belong to his body, but it really works. Plus, he’s got Peter Gallagher eyebrows. Nothin’ wrong with that.


Danny Gokey

Am I the only one who doesn’t like Danny? I think he is self satisfied and smirky and smug. Ick. Plus, he was wearing some spacesuit coat on Tuesday night that looked gross on him. Remember in The Breakfast Club when Judd tells Molly that she was “pushing maximum density”. So is Gokey. So is The Goke. Also, I don’t so much like his voice. The judges, however, all leave little happy wet spots on their chairs when he sings, so I guess he’ll be round awhile.


Kris Allen

Well, he’s cute and average. He has a nice voice and nice hair and a nice smile. He’s nice. Too bad he’s married and that he told America that last week. Unless he pulls out some high kicks and sequins I don’t think he’s top two material.


Lil Rounds

I really like Lil Rounds. She does remind me of Mary J, like the judges said. I mean, she doesn’t sing like Jennifer or Melinda, but she works with what she’s got. Plus, AmId needs a sassy black girl to go through to the top, simply for the songs that she is allowed to sing that white gals aren’t. Like Proud Mary. Or anything by Mary J.



Matt Giraud

Another terrible picture! I stole these from the official site, so you’d think they’d be better. Matt is growing on me. He’s not matinee star hot or Archuletta cute like some others, but he’s got a good voice and he can really play the piano. I loved his country week song, “So Small”. As I’ve always said, if you pick a song that starts slow and low and gradually gets loud and high, you’re gonna sail through.


Megan Joy

I don’t get it. It sounds (and looks, for that matter) like she is having a seizure. She is squeaky and raspy and strange. The ONLY reason she made it through this week is because her Tuesday night dress was all about her hanging love globes. Fleshy.


Michael Sarver

Ah, the token redneck. Please go home, Mumbles McGee.


Scott MacIntyre

Scott has Greatest American Hero hair. He also plays the piano really well. His voice, however, is simply average. Oh, and did you know he is blind? Yeah. Who knew? Sympathy vote all the way. Which, I have to admit, I am a sucker for. When he gets up and gazes off to the left of Ryan or just above the judges heads, I get all “AWW!”. And when he claps his hands in that slightly retarded way, I reach for the phone to vote through my sympathy tears. What can I say? Also – Believe it or not, I’m walking on air. If they do a “TV Themes” week, Scott should totally sing that.

And these are a couple of the folks that I already miss…


Jorge Nunez – He rounded out the gayness of the group. Everyone needs a Latin-Gay. I loved what he said to the other contestants after he got voted off. “Don’t get to comfortable! Next week is another elimination!”. Ha.


Tatiana Del Toro – I miss you! I miss your tears and your shifting accent and your seriousness and your craziness and your freak flag. Call me.

These are pictures for my friend Lisa. Hi Adam! Tell me again about your love of the hoo…



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One Response to American Idol, Season 8, Top 11

  1. Lisa says:

    Love Adam…and he loves me, despite these pictures!!

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