Spring Cleaning

This weekend Hubby and I cleaned our butts off. Wee! No Butts!

You don’t realize how very extremely filthy your house is until you actually clean. I don’t mean half-heartedly-fling-the-vacuum-around clean, I mean move the furniture, actually use the various slightly sinister vacuum attachments clean.

I started in the back bedroom. I moved the bed. I vacuumed in the closet. I took all the bedding and either washed it (sheets) or shook it out outside (comforter). I dusted my books. I even cleaned in my video game nook. Oh, dark little nook of video games. Sunlight is your enemy!

I removed everything off of the bathroom shelves and washed them (the shelves), and threw stuff away that I don’t even remember buying (Biore face strips, vitamin C oil for eye wrinkles, rice paper), and replaced all of the stuff we actually use. I cleaned the bottom of the bathroom closet. PS – it was gross. And so is yours.

I cleaned the bathroom. I washed the floor behind the toilet. Ew. And I will leave that at that.

I vacuumed the office and the master bedroom. I vacuumed under the bed. I found a sock that Grady had hid. I sucked a spider into the vacuum without a smidge of guilt. Wee! Maybe now it will rain. Better than snow! I shook out all the bedding. I took our giant fan apart and washed the grills and vacuumed and cleaned the blades with Windex. It works like a champ, now. I’m fairly sure that it was just blowing disease around, before. Now, it’s like a Mr. Clean cloud.

I vacuumed the staircase. I vacuumed the living room. I vacuumed the kitchen and the dining room and inside the closet. I vacuumed under the piano. Grady fought a brief but panic inducing battle with the vacuum before hightailing it upstairs.

And Hubby? Oh, he was busy, too! He cleaned the backyard of ALL OF THE GRADY PRESENTS. Which, in my book, is better and more stomach-churning than anything I did. He dusted the whole of the downstairs. He dusted the office. He removed the kitchen furniture and WASHED THE KITCHEN FLOOR.

We opened windows. I changed the curtains in the office so that sunlight now comes in. You could hear the evil teeny dust bunnies scurrying for dirtier pastures. Our house smells like spring now.

If you want to visit, now is the time. If you need a respite from your allergy and dust riddled house, come on over! If you would like to sleep in a bed that is fresh and crisp, this is it! Seize the day!

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One Response to Spring Cleaning

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    Who will keep Grady company during the day now that all the dust bunnies are gone?

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