Famous Dave’s

…and His Crappy Service

Sabrina and I hadn’t seen each other in days. DAYS I tell you. It was horrible. We decided to hang on Wednesday night to share what had been happening in our lives over the past week eat. Hub was going out with Jess, but he mentioned that there was a new BBQ place over by Cabelas. BBQ? We loves BBQ!

“Famous Dave’s” was packed when we got there.  We waited about 25 minutes – not long, really. We were sitting by the takeout counter, which is next to the kitchen. Wonderful smells of roasting pig were floating to our noses. It made us really hungry, as the folks waiting with us kept noticing. “What’s that sound, Ethel?” “Oh, Henry. I think it’s that nice girl and that gay guy’s stomachs growling.”

Once we sat down we waited for quite a while before our waiter came over. Sabrina considered going to the hostess and asking if anyone knew that we were there? I hate waiting. Eventually he arrived at our table. Alright, I admit. He was a hot guy. A hot young guy. With swoopy hair. He was a little twink, really; not my style in the long run. But Sabs? Yeah – she liked him. I called him Tedward Cullen, after our favorite silly-haired glittering vamp.

Tedward took our drink order and asked if we had had enough time to look through the menus. I told him that I had memorized it. He didn’t get it. Tedward was nice but dim, me thinks.

30 minutes after we ordered Tedward came back to our table with some sob story about our food being stolen from him by restaurant thieves, or something. He had to take our order AGAIN. To steal from SNL… really? REALLY?

15 minutes later, Sabrina was served her Caesar Salad with Salmon.

10 minutes after that, I was served. At this point Tedward was not even looking at me when he came to the table. Probably because of the glaring and the hate. Also, he might have been scared by the sound that my stomach was making as it ate itself.

The “manager” sauntered over about 5 minutes later. She asked how our meals were. I had to admit it,  the BBQ was excellent. I also had to admit that Tedward was a douche and that he had to take our order twice and that we had been sitting in this restaurant for over an hour before our food came. She said that she was sorry, and that she would come back with some “pig dollars” that would make it all better. Um, how about you comp our meal? How about that? Well, she was a little witchy, and she was not about to comp our meal. I could tell right from the get go. She was not a nice young lady.

About ten minutes later, Manager-gal walks by our table and slips a coupon for 1 free dessert onto the table. Ok, thanks! That makes it all better! Hugs! We left it with the check.

Never. Going. Back.

PS – Sabrina left Tedward a tip, but on the slip she wrote “You are ONLY getting this because you are cute.”

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